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8 Things You Need To Know About Obesity In Dogs

We hear all the time about the dangers of obesity in humans, but have you ever stopped to think about how those same dangers apply to your dog? You may love how happy your dog becomes when you give him a treat, or maybe you’re a sucker for hungry eyes, but either way, you may be shortening your dog’s life by giving in. Here are 8 things you should know about obesity in dogs – you may be loving your … Read more

Which States Have The Most Overweight Pets – The Answer May Surprise You!

It would be logical to assume that the states with the highest levels of human obesity would also have the highest rates of pet obesity. Banfield, a large national chain of veterinary hospitals, produced a report based on the animals they saw in their clinics in 2016 and determined that there was no such correlation between states with high amounts of human obesity and states with high levels of pet obesity. In fact, there was a little bit of a … Read more

11 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Having a dog is a big responsibility. They depend on you to make the best decisions for them on everything from what they eat to how their hair is cut. Although every loving dog parent has the best intentions at heart, certain choices that seem simple and harmless may actually result in fewer years with your furry friend.   1. Skipping Annual Vet Visits Some people feel that it’s a waste of time and money to take their dogs to the … Read more

Ask A Vet: Does My Dog Need Exercise?

We all have heard that exercise is good for us. We intellectually agree, even if we do not prioritize exercise for ourselves. The benefits to humans have been proven by many studies. What about your dog? Does she need to exercise? We know that dogs are not small humans. They cannot take the exact same medications we can and they cannot eat some of the foods that we can. Obesity is a common problem and we try to apply what … Read more