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Does Your Pup Have Greasy/Fatty Looking Poos? This Could Be Why…

Does your dog’s poop look different lately? Your dog’s feces are a huge indicator as to what’s going on with his overall health, so any change is important to note. While unusual poop or diarrhea should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian if it doesn’t clear up within a couple of days, poop that looks greasy or fatty may indicate that your dog isn’t digesting his food properly. What could be causing that, and what can you do … Read more

Pica: Why Does My Dog Eat Things He Shouldn’t & What Can I Do About It?

Does your dog eat paper, dirt, poop, rocks, or anything else he shouldn’t? Eating non-food items is referred to as pica, and eating poop specifically is referred to as coprophagia. Apart from being destructive or disgusting, is this behavior dangerous for your dog? Does it indicate an underlying health problem you need to worry about? How do you protect your dog and your home from his unusual eating habits? Let’s explore pica and coprophagia so that you have the information … Read more

Why Is My Dog So Excited After She Poops?

Does your dog get “the zoomies” after relieving herself? Maybe she looks like she’s practicing a touchdown dance. Whatever the case, why does your dog get so excited after she poops? It turns out, there are many possible explanations for this funny behavior. Here are the 4 most likely reasons your dog races away from her poop as if it’s on fire. #1 – She feels rewarded One of the best ways to potty train a dog is to reward … Read more

This City Is Turning A Dog Poop Epidemic Into An Energy Boom

As mayor of one of Canada’s most famously inventive cities, Dave Jaworsky has a lot of fresh ideas. While Waterloo, Ontario, staked a worldwide reputation as the cradle of BlackBerry Inc, the city with a population of around 100,000 still churns out a dizzying number of tech startups. “So when I get a call, I listen and I listen carefully,” he tells iHeartDogs. But when a local businessman recently tried to sell him on the idea of squeezing energy from … Read more

Why Does My Dog Kick After He Poops?

Dogs are such fun and watching them (and trying to explain their behaviors) is almost as fun as people-watching at the mall! We have all seen dogs madly kick at the ground behind them after they eliminate. Some people think that they are trying to “clean up the mess” by covering it, but “cleaning up” isn’t exactly our dogs’ forte! If a dog is truly attempting to cover the excrement, it is more likely to be an effort to hide … Read more

DNA Test Used To Penalize People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog’s Poop

There’s nothing worse than accidentally stepping into a smelly pile of dog doo. And what’s more, pooch poop can be really bad for the environment. Still, that doesn’t stop some people from leaving their pup’s poo in the wake of their walk. But one community in West Des Moines, Iowa has created a plan to trace the poop perps: dog DNA testing. All pet residents at the Greenway Square Complex are required to get swabbed for DNA. When a poop … Read more

This England District Is Spraying Dog Poop Orange To Show That It’s A Big Problem

Officers in West Lindsey, England will be addressing the rampant dog doo problem…by spraying it bright orange. That’s right. They’ll be patrolling the area for poo piles, then “highlighting” the issue with orange spray paint. The hope is that passers-by will see how bad the problem really is, and hopefully, pup parents will be encouraged to pick up after their pooches (or at least, too ashamed not to). According to The Gainsborough Standard, Councillor Owen Bierley, Chairman of the Prosperous … Read more

6 Gross And Scary Reasons We Need To Pick Up Our Dogs’ Poop

We think of it as an act of decency, but there are actually much bigger reasons why we should be picking up after our dogs. 1.It’s A Toxic Pollutant Did you know the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies dog waste in the same category as oil spills? That means that the EPA considers it a pollutant. 2. It’s Crawling With Germs “Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can threaten the health of humans and wildlife,” the EPA website … Read more

From The Vet: What It Really Means When Your Dog Eats Poop

Dogs eat poop for many reasons, and some of these reasons are unknown. It is a disgusting habit in the eyes of human caregivers. In order to try and figure out why a specific dog is engaging in coprophagia (ingesting feces), it is first important to know which poop he’s eating. The most important thing to know is that coprophagia is considered normal behavior (although gross) in canines. Some people have examined possible causes to try to find ways to … Read more