Special Needs Puppy Passes Miraculous Milestones, Thanks To Her Cat-Rescuing Foster Mom

On November 28, a very special puppy celebrated the latest in a series of extraordinary milestones. Her name is Sasha, and on that joyous day, she celebrated her 12 week birthday. For most puppies, turning three months old is a given, something taken for granted. But for Sasha – who was born with hydrocephalus, a cleft lip and cleft palate – each day is a gift.   From her very first day on earth, Sasha has been in the capable … Read more

Crooked-Faced Rescue Dog Hopes To Find A Home For The Holidays

Courtney Bellew, director of Special Needs Animal Rescue (SNARR) in White Plains, NY has devoted her life to saving the broken, sick, elderly and unwanted dogs of New York, New Jersey and beyond. When she learned about a special dog with facial deformities abandoned at a Tennessee home by his former owners, she knew that he was just the kind of challenge she lives for. The puppy’s name is Woody and his uniquely shaped face is not a sign of … Read more

Prepare To Fall In Love With Cletus The Stylish Special Needs Dog

Eight months ago, a very special dog arrived at Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) in Los Angeles. The odd looking chocolate Chihuahua mix was found wandering the city streets. Best Friends staff estimate that the dog they named Cletus is about two-years-old. He was born different from other pups with a crooked nose, a massive overbite, and fused joints that cause him to walk with a signature shuffling gait. A post shared by Love Bug (@cletusspuckler_spucklercletus) on Feb 6, 2017 … Read more

Stuffed Toy Helps Rescue Dog Mourn The Loss Of His Lamb BFF

In 2015 two very special animals came into Janell Jensen’s life. The Idaho native has a soft spot for differently-abled pets, so when a neighbor found a three-pound Chihuahua on a busy road, she brought him straight to Janell. Within months, the lifelong animal lover also found herself caring for a special needs lamb. Paddy the dog and Lily the lamb shared an immediate bond, but sadly their beautiful friendship would be short-lived.   When Paddy arrived, he was underweight … Read more

Boy With Autism Gets “Pug-tastic” Birthday Surprise Thanks To Kind Strangers

As Andrew Vaughan’s 14th birthday approached, he told his sister McKenna he did not want a party. Andrew is autistic and he feared no one would come out to celebrate with him. Knowing how much her brother adores Pugs, McKenna set out to plan the most “Pug-tastic” surprise party ever. With the help of social media and lots of local Pug parents, Andrew’s 14th birthday turned out to be a smashing success! McKenna created a public event on Facebook, inviting anyone … Read more

Urgent Shelter Dog Is Rescued & Reborn Thanks To His Foster Mom

Nicole Pitts was already a seasoned foster mom when she met Eric the dog through LifeLine Animal Project’s Fulton County Animal Services shelter. Eric had been in the shelter for 3 months and was not adjusting well. He was nervous and shy, easily overlooked by adopters, and bullied by the other dogs in his pen. Eric was given his own kennel, but with more than 300 pets in a shelter designed to hold 100, his time was quickly growing short. “I … Read more

This Year’s “Puppy Bowl” Will Feature 3 Adorable Special Needs Pups

On February 5th at 2 PM EST, the 13th Annual Puppy Bowl will premier on Animal Planet to the delight of millions of pet lovers. This year the event will feature three very special pups in the starting lineup – Winston, a vision and hearing impaired Australian Shepherd mix, a deaf English Pointer named Doobert, and an adorable three-legged Terrier by the name of Lucky. Puppy Bowl XIII was filmed in October with shelter cuties from 22 states and 34 … Read more

Tiny Pit Bull With Dwarfism Lives To Defy The Odds And Inspire The World

Sassy the Pit Bull was born to a backyard breeder in New York. When the volunteers at Forgotten Pets of Long Island took her into their rescue as a tiny pup, they expected her to have a short and painful life. Their goal was to show her a bit of kindness and comfort in the time she had left. Now, four years later, Sassy is strong, happy and most of all – loved! She has an adoptive dad and two … Read more

Special Needs Rescue Dog Guides His Blind Best Buddy!

The strongest of friendships are those that have gone through adversity and have overcome it. The strongest friendships are also those who accept each other and help each other in times of difficulty. Just like the best friends in the photos below. Meet Hoshi and Zen–two best friends who stick with each other despite the individual health issues. These two found comfort in each other’s company. A photo posted by Sweet Treats Of PAWSitivity! (@the.fluffy.duo) on Aug 12, 2016 at … Read more

Boy With Down Syndrome & Autism Has A Bond With His Dog That Proves Animals Are The Best Therapy

When Jonathan, a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome and autism, got his service dog named Shadow, his life took a dramatic turn for the better. When parents Jake and Robyn Zampier researched the benefits of service dogs for special needs children, they decided it was worth a shot. They ended up working with the North Star Foundation, where the puppies “are socialized from the start to regard children as benevolent leaders,” explains the website. “We fell in love with the North … Read more