Special Needs Rescue Dog Guides His Blind Best Buddy!

The strongest of friendships are those that have gone through adversity and have overcome it. The strongest friendships are also those who accept each other and help each other in times of difficulty. Just like the best friends in the photos below.

Meet Hoshi and Zen–two best friends who stick with each other despite the individual health issues. These two found comfort in each other’s company.

Hoshi was 11 years old when his eyes were removed because of glaucoma. And because of that, Hoshi was left completely blind.

Zen on the other hand was adopted by Hoshi’s family six months before Hoshi’s eye surgery. Zen was a stray, all filthy and matted when she was found wandering the streets. And just like Hoshi, she had health issues as well. Zen has pulmonary edema, an enlarged heart, and a narrowed trachea.

Hoshi was in bad shape at that time. His family thought he couldn’t make it. They were even unsure how Hoshi would react when they adopted Zen. But to their surprise, Zen and Hoshi immediately hit it off.

The two became best buddies. They were inseparable. And they’re the sweetest best friends we’ve ever seen!

And since Hoshi lost his vision, Zen has become his very own seeing eye dog. Everywhere Zen goes, Hoshi sticks with her.

Watch the video below and learn more about their beautiful friendship!

Aren’t they the sweetest? And their photos are super adorable too!

For more photos of this adorable duo, follow them on Instagram!

You can also read more about their story at The Dodo.

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