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12 Dog Breeds With Unique Coats

Most people are familiar with the basic dog coats – long and short. But did you know some dogs have curly coats? Wavy coats? What about the dogs with cords or hair that never stops growing? Here we’ll take a peek at some of the breeds with the most unique coats we’ve ever seen! #1 – Bergamasco The Bergamasco is an Italian herding dog known for its long matted coat. They have an oily undercoat, a mid-layer of dense goat-like … Read more

13 Dog Breeds Of China With Histories As Unique As Their Looks

Steeped in legacy and lore, China holds an ancient past and the native Chinese dog breeds originating there have long guarded the land and its people. The history of dogs in China reaches as far back as 15,000 years to a time when the first wild dog locked eyes with a human, beginning what became the beautiful friendship between dogs and dog lovers we know today! But, the origin of dogs in China isn’t quite one of love and snuggly … Read more