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The 10 Dog Breeds That Bark The Most


#1 – Beagle


It doesn’t matter if the snow is flying, a plastic bag is blowing down the street or a stranger is coming to visit, a Beagle will let its owner and anyone within a mile radius know what’s going on.

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#2 – Basset Hound


The Basset was intended as a tracker and is easily distracted by scents and activities. They announce all company with a distinct howling type bark that will raise the roof.

#3 – Jack Russell Terrier


Known for their energetic, sassy personalities the Jack Russell does not discriminate between who gets told off. They are an equal opportunity barker.

#4 – Keeshond


Considered mellower than its other Spitz counterparts, the Keeshond thrives on being with their family. This includes announcing everything going on in and outside of their home.

#5 – Maltese


A small snugglebug, the Maltese enjoys the company of people. This breed will greet any and all company enthusiastically. Their verbal enthusiasm will spread to greeting the mail carrier, people walking in front of their home, and the milk delivery person at 2 a.m.

#6 – Lhasa Apso


Bred as temple guardians, these little bundles of attitude take their sentry duties very seriously. Lhasa’s will announce the arrival of any and all noises in and around their home.

#7 – Boston Terrier


Known as “America’s Gentleman” Boston Terriers are very keen on using their verbal skills. Gentlemen might not tell tales, but this particular breed doesn’t care who they converse with.

#8 – Miniature Pinscher


Small, energetic, mischievous the Min Pin doesn’t hesitate to let their household know the goings on in the neighborhood. If there is a leaf blowing somewhere, they will let their family know!

#9 – Samoyed


This dog loves a good romp in the snow, they also love to announce how happy they are about it! The Samoyed will express every emotion with a bark, and then another for good measure.

#10 – West Highland White Terrier


Known as a “Westie” this bundle of energy loves to play. They also love to verbally announce everything they see, hear, feel, touch, might touch, possibly see, and maybe hear. Westies are very verbal.

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