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The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds


#1 – Beagle


Lovingly independent, the Beagle will find amusement anywhere if left to their own devices. There will be trouble with a indifferent owner who doesn’t appreciate what the Beagle has to offer.

#2 – English Bulldog


An incredibly intelligent breed, the English Bulldog can appear to be quite thick skulled when being handled by a weak owner. They will turn a deaf ear if there is no respect in the household.

#3 – Dachshund


The Dachshund is a very big dog in a very little package. They know how to hold their own and some will take on a dog five times their size because they think they can.

#4 – Jack Russell Terrier


The mischievous Jack Russell has no problem initiating a battle of wills with an owner they consider wishy-washy. They are tough, smart and energetic.

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