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The 10 Stinkiest Dog Breeds

#1 – Basset Hound


Prone to bloat and gassiness, the Basset Hound is also prone to dog odor. Shampooing is an option, but too many baths will dry out their skin.

#2 – Cocker Spaniel


Although this breed (both the American and English varieties) are plagued with several genetic faults, one that isn’t commonly known is their overwhelming dog odor.

#3 – Beagle


Another hound on the list, the Beagle is one who is prone to a particular doggy odor that seems to permeate the entire yard.

#4 – Pug


Although the Pug has a short coat, the folds on their faces need careful cleaning to keep from dirt and infection. These breeds are also prone to extreme gassiness.

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