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The 20 Best Durable Toys for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

| Published on January 5, 2023

Staffordshire Bull Terriers love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Staffordshire Bull Terrier Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The 20 Top Toys for Staffordshire Bull Terriers, According to Real Staffordshire Bull Terrier Owners

Black kong, by far the best this toy has been with her from the beginning and is the only one still going. Bonnie loves it when we put food inside or even peanut butter keeps her entertained

Author: Sophie Hill

Likes: 11

Get it on Amazon wobble wag wiggle ball

Author: Janey P.

Likes: 18

I think Kong toys are the best

Author: Beverley L.

Likes: 10

B&M stock Scooby Doo Balls in small and large sizes . Our Tom wrecks everything but he’s never managed to ruin one of those and they are dead cheap too

Author: Susan J.

Likes: 3

A large boomer ball, beau’s had this since last Christmas, an it’s survived! Tried every other thing imaginable, an she just chomps through it, the boomer ball is well worth the money

Author: Louise J.

Likes: 2

Goughnuts– the BEST & toughest toy ever…and the best part is the center is red and if they chew to the red you send it back and they send you a new one- I have 2 dogs who are huge chewers and I’ve had these for years- only had 1 chewed enough to send back and did recieve a new one

Author: Melody H.

Likes: 1

I gave up buying toys for mine. They used to chew on plastic bottles. Once that was absolutely annihilated they got another one. One of them did have a passion for golf balls, and the other loved ripping off all the yellow material from tennis balls. The only other thing was a basketball…… too big to get into their mouth

Author: Karen S.

Likes: 8

Not a toy but Himalayan Cheese Dog Chews are quite durable. Taken my staffie a while to chomp down halfway – peace and quiet!!

Author: Jacqui H.

Likes: 2

Chuck it! Balls are great for serial chewers!

Author: Beth W.

Likes: 0

We have tried everything over the years but the only thing still standing is this toilet system ball – really cheap and so far indestructible x

Author: Sue R.

Likes: 0

Sprout from Aldi 2nd Xmas just doesn’t seem to give up the stuffing it’s even been stolen by a hedgehog and missing for about 4m

Author: Diane B.

Likes: 2

Bought 2 of these a year ago and haven’t needed to break out the second one. Only toy she has not been able chew up

Author: Denise W.

Likes: 2

A Chuck it ball lasted us about 12 months before she ripped it apart. And we have had one of these large balls for outside which is brilliant. It’s like a bowling ball but not heavy x

Author: Laura B.

Likes: 2

In 28 years of having this breed I haven’t found a toy that can last the boomer ball done really well tho definitely the longest lasting but my dog was very obsessed with it and had to hide it often x

Author: Tracy M.

Likes: 0

Kong toys. We have had this and the red Kong ball for 8 years now and it still looks new. Two pitties and a teething beagle puppy love them.

Author: Melissa R.

Likes: 3

Goughnuts. Free replacement when destroyed if you send it back when it reaches a certain point of destruction. Expensive to initially fork out but with the lifetime guarantee it works out so cheap.

Author: Dawn C.

Likes: 1

Deer antler it will keep them entertained for hours plus it’s all natural good for there teeth and last for ever

Author: Timothy J.

Likes: 1

GoughNuts , like a kong but shaped like a donut and it has a color stripe inside if the dog gets through it and you see that, it’s time to toss it or they replace it I think

Author: Gali B.

Likes: 1

Nylabone my dog can’t even get through one xx

Author: Chloe J.

Likes: 0

None of my Staffies or pits have been able to destroy one of these

Author: Stephanniee G.

Likes: 1

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