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The 30 Craziest Things a Dog Has Ever Eaten! [HILARIOUS]

Written by: Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer is a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist and co-founder of Inspired by his rescued husky, Splash, he dedicated himself to learning about extending both the length and quality of her life. Splash lived and thrived until 18 years old, and now Justin is on a mission to share what he learned with other dog owners.Read more
| Published on December 17, 2013

We asked our Facebook fans “What was the craziest thing your dog ever ate” and you guys delivered big time!

Tell us the craziest thing your dog ate in the comments below!

  1. My false teeth. Lol wasn’t funny at the time! – Lorraine Anderson False-Teeth
  2. A Q-tip. It got stuck in the roof of his mouth sidways. Hxe was so freaked out that he tried to bite me when I tried to get it out. I put on oven mits and let him chomp down on my hand, then I pried it out with his doggie toothbrush. It went flying across the room. He ran over to it, and tried to eat it again. I stopped him that time- CRAZY Doxie! – Jennie Webb
  3. Lucy chewed through my bf’s pants pocket and ate 170 dollars. it was a bit of a wait to get that back! – Robin Armitage
  4. A whole Dead Chipmonk! Swallowed it whole, while I was prying his mouth open. Dog won this round. 20 minutes later, upset stomach and threw whole thing back up. I won. Even standoff. LOL – Rory Scheumeister
  5. An empty beer can! Beagles have a stomach of steel. – Denise Nelson Grenfell
  6. A little Lego man. Then when I went to clean up the yard from all the poop the Lego man was there in the poop, his head sticking out looking at me! LMAO -Barbara Gardnerlego
  7. Money clip…..complete with card…dr lic – Mindy Willis
  8. Our dog Rutger helped himself to the package of king crab legs I stupidly put on the patio to thaw. When we caught him he had a foot or so of crab legs hanging out each side of his mouth. We’re still laughing about that one!!! Lordy how we loved that pit!!!!! – Leta Gay Magnuson
  9. A one pound solid chocolate bunny and did not get sick. Also a box of Andes mints foil wrappers and all. Survived that too. He got a two pound sausage log once. Also ate all the tinsel off the bottom two feet of the tree. My last year for tinsel. Spooky is in heaven now but the memories remain. – Margie ‘Kivel’ Houghtaling
  10. 3 mobile phones as soon as I replaced one she ate it . I think she was trying to te me something – Leesa Collins
  11. A whole live rat in about 2 seconds. – Barbara Lawrence
  12. The Bible – Heather Sunday bible
  13. My coffee mug and 6 cans of Playdough. All I ever found was the handle and the back yard looked like Rainbow Brite had a party. Was easy to clean up the poo for a few days! – Angela Sigman Todd
  14. A whole frozen Turkey! He opened the freezer himself. Oh boy did that dog pass a lot of wind. Lol – Heather Brine
  15. We had just rescued our dog, Leroy Brown, and he ate my eye glasses, but I didn’t notice until the next day when getting ready for work and couldn’t find them. He’d been living on the streets for some time and eating anything he could to survive, including some pretty nasty stuff. Had to wear my prescription sunglasses all day at work. Never did find even a piece of them. – Nancy Kerr Parks

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    1. A mouse. Not a mouse mouse but a computer mouse. A trackball to be precise. -Becky Cutshaw
    2. One of my Dachshund’s grabbed a birth control pill once. Another time she grabbed and chewed on a tube of super glue. Called poison control on that one. She was just fine but had some dried super glue on her chin for awhile. -Kelli Love Sayre
    3. We had a Beagle that decided that she need my wife’s diamond ring more than my wife. i cant figure out for the life of me why our beagle decided to eat it! Followed her around for couple days to gst the ring back. We did get the diamond ring back! Needed a good cleaning though. -Chris Mills
    4. a whole pack of crayons… that gave rainbow poops lol – Jamie Rice
    5. The head off a stuffed animal (tiny)… when he pooped… the stool had eyes!! – Laurie Camacho
    6. Christmas tree bulb. Literally swallowed it. And a sock – Julie Russell
    7. A bag of Jolly Ranchers WITH the wrappers! – Lissa Barklow
    8. I’m a groomer and it was one of my clients dogs. A small dog pooped out skullhead beads. When I told the owner, she said, “THAT’S WHERE THAT BRACELET WENT!” – Janice Vaughn Martin
    9. A tube of blue oil paint…..there were about 50 little blue diarrhea poos all over my WHITE carpet! Thank god it was nontoxic. – Kim Valles
    10. My daughter’s lab, Daisy, ate her wedding shoes the first night back from her honeymoon. – Deirdre Sorensen
    11. Gorilla glue. $1800.00 later he is fine. – Hank Crews
    12. a 15lb bag of dogfood in a 5 hr period – Kelly Snyder
    13. Ox poop at live nativity few years ago. Ended up staying few days at vets when it hit her system. Thank god she’s fine now. – Lynn Weis

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  1. Well, mine was a cat, not a dog, & Max ate a piece of tinsel from the christmas tree. I saw something shiney hang from his butt. Picked him up & there was about 4 inches hanging out. He had no tail so it was easy to see. I grabbed a hold & started pulling. He made a noise like one of those old time wind up fire truck horns. My kids laughed so hard they almost pee’d themselves. Now every christmas, it never fails, Maxs story comes up, some how. – Patty Martinez
  2. When I was 19 My friends moms dog ate my underwear and pooped them out two days later … I went outside to her laughing hysterically .. And was mortified . Now looking back at 33, i can see why she was laughing – Jennifer Frost

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