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The 5 Best Products To Help Calm Your Dog

We all have hard days (Need I bring up Mondays?). While us humans have our ups and downs, our dogs many times go through the same thing. Rather than letting our fur babies struggle with stress or anxiety there are different methods that we can explore  to help ease their nerves. In this article, we are going to quickly cover 5 products that other owners have found successful. As always, consult your Vet before making any big changes to your dog’s lifestyle.

#1 – The Rein Coat

The Rein Coat® is a coat and harness in one. By wrapping around your dog it makes them feel “safe”. A recent two-year study found it to be one of the best wearable solutions on the market. It is definitely worth checking out. You can find the perfect one for your dog on Amazon here.

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#2 – SnugglePuppie

The Snugglepuppie is great for any dog that has issues being left alone. The puppie comes with a “real feel pulsing” heart beat and warming packs, giving your dog a buddy when he is anxious. You can learn more about the product on Amazon here.

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#3 – Chill-Out

This blend of Roman Chamomile, Lavnder, and Sweet Marjoram works to calm and quiet nervous pets. While some aromatherapy products tell you put them on your dog, this one you can just spray in the air. It might work on relatives too :). Also available on the website via Amazon here.

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#4 – Soothing Sounds

Another great trick is music. Dogs really do respond to calming sounds. Spoiled Pets Shop has a line of CDs with calming music picked specifically for dogs. There are a ton of options and great reviews. You can see them all on Amazon as well – here.

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#5 – Calming Soft Chews

If your pet is increasingly nervous, you may want to add this supplement to his diet (Again – you may want to consult your Vet first especially if your dog has allergies). Thunder Chews is a natural blend that calms your pet without causing drowsiness, addiction, or impaired motor skills. This soft chew is also currently on sale at and you can learn more here.

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