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The 7 Cleanest Dog Breeds for Owners Who Like a Tidy House

Written by: Ejay C.
Ejay Cris C. Camposano, hailing from the Philippines, is a proud fur dad to two lovable dogs: a Beagle and a Shih Tzu. A college graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Ejay has a diverse background that combines technical expertise with a passion for pets. His love for dogs and cats has profoundly influenced his life, leading him to a fulfilling career as a content writer at iHeartDogs. In his writing, Ejay captures the heartwarming bond between pets and their owners, sharing valuable insights and stories with a broad audience of animal lovers.Read more
| Published on March 25, 2024

Maintaining a clean and tidy house is a priority for many, and when it comes to choosing a pet, the cleanliness of a dog breed can be a significant factor. Some dog breeds are naturally cleaner, requiring less grooming and shedding less, making them ideal companions for those who cherish a neat living environment. These breeds tend to have less odor, are easier to house train, and are less prone to drooling, which contributes to a cleaner home. In this article, we explore the 7 cleanest dog breeds for owners who value a tidy house, highlighting the characteristics that make them particularly suited for this role.

1. Basenji

The Basenji, often referred to as the “barkless dog,” is renowned for its cleanliness and grooming habits that resemble those of a cat. This breed does not have the typical dog odor and is known for its short coat that requires minimal grooming. Basenjis are fastidious about their cleanliness, often licking themselves clean much like a cat would. Their low-shedding fur makes them an excellent choice for keeping a house clean. Moreover, the Basenji’s independent nature means they can be trained to do their business outside, reducing the risk of accidents indoors. This combination of traits makes the Basenji a top choice for owners who prioritize a clean living space.

2. Poodle

Poodles of all sizes, including Standard, Miniature, and Toy, are known for their hypoallergenic coats that shed very little. This trait, combined with their intelligence that makes them easy to house train, places Poodles high on the list of clean dog breeds. Regular grooming is required to keep their curly coats in good condition, but this also means less hair around the house. Poodles are not prone to drooling, and their keen intelligence means they can be taught a variety of hygiene-related commands and tricks. Their adaptability and ease of training make Poodles an excellent choice for those looking for a tidy canine companion.

3. Whippet

Whippets are known for their short, fine coat that requires minimal grooming and shed very little, making them ideal for a clean home. This breed is also known for its lack of doggy odor and is not prone to drooling. Whippets are calm indoors and have a gentle nature, reducing the chances of boisterous behavior that could disrupt a tidy house. They are relatively easy to house-train due to their intelligence and eagerness to please. The Whippet’s low-maintenance grooming needs and clean habits make them a preferred choice for individuals seeking a neat and orderly living environment.

4. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed known for its fox-like appearance and meticulous grooming habits. Shibas are very clean dogs, often grooming themselves like cats. They have a double coat that does shed, particularly seasonally, but their fastidious nature keeps them relatively clean and easy to care for. Shibas are known to be reserved and less prone to drooling. Their independent and clean nature makes them suitable for owners who appreciate a tidy home. Additionally, Shibas can be house-trained effectively with consistent training methods, contributing to their status as a clean breed.

5. Maltese

The Maltese is a small breed famous for its long, luxurious coat that, surprisingly, sheds very little, making it an excellent choice for keeping a house clean. The breed does require regular grooming to maintain its coat, but this also helps reduce the amount of loose hair in the home. Maltese are known for their lack of doggy odor and are not prone to drooling. Their small size and manageable exercise needs to make them well-suited to apartment living and less likely to bring in dirt and debris from outside. The Maltese’s dedication to cleanliness and minimal shedding traits make it a favorite among tidy homeowners.

6. Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is another breed that boasts a hypoallergenic coat, shedding very little and making it a great option for a clean home. Their fluffy, curly coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting, which also helps keep loose hair under control. Bichons are cheerful and easy to train, including in housebreaking, making indoor accidents less likely. They are known for their playful, yet gentle, demeanor, reducing the chances of messy play. The Bichon Frise’s minimal shedding and easy trainability make them ideal for those who desire a clean living space without sacrificing companionship.

7. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are known for their small size and minimal grooming needs, making them a good choice for those looking for a clean dog breed. They have either a short or long coat, but even long-coated Chihuahuas are relatively low shedders compared to other breeds. Their small size means less dirt and debris is brought into the house, and they are less prone to drooling. Chihuahuas can be easily house-trained with consistency and patience. Their loyalty and affectionate nature make them ideal companions for those who value cleanliness in their living spaces. Despite their diminutive stature, Chihuahuas have a big personality, and their grooming needs are manageable, contributing to an overall cleaner home environment. Their adaptability to various living conditions, including apartments and smaller spaces, further underscores their suitability for tidy-minded owners.

When choosing a dog breed, prospective pet owners often consider factors such as size, energy levels, and compatibility with their lifestyle. For those who prioritize a clean and tidy home, selecting a breed known for its cleanliness can make dog ownership a more harmonious and enjoyable experience. The breeds highlighted in this article — from the self-grooming Basenji to the minimal-shedding Poodle, the tidy Whippet, the meticulous Shiba Inu, the low-shedding Maltese, and Bichon Frise, to the compact and manageable Chihuahua — each offer characteristics that make them particularly appealing to those seeking a clean living environment without sacrificing the joy and companionship dogs bring into our lives.