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Hey Fur Mama – these are for you!

1 day ago

Her Puppies Didn’t Make It, But You Gave Tabitha and 116 Other Dogs a New Life

Thanks to a grant from funded by the community, Tabitha received a second chance at life. She was found under a trailer with a litter of newborn babies that were all deceased. She entered the municipal shelter in Jefferson County, TN, on...
3 days ago

Pawdorable Storage Bins

Stash everything from dog toys to pantry items in these!
3 days ago

My Dog Had Excruciating Hip & Joint Pain. Now He Has The Zoomies After I Changed This One Thing.

Hi, I'm Justine! If you're reading my story, you probably have a beautiful pup that is going through a very hard and painful battle with hip and joint pain. I want you to know that after all I went through and everything we researched and tried for River - I finally found...
1 week ago

Woman Requests Shelter’s 2 Longest Residents, Ends Up Adopting 3 Seniors

Leslie Sacks loves "helping out the needs of the lost and helpless." That's how she ended up sharing her home and property with five senior dogs, three goats, two Chilean squirrels (Dagos), two flying squirrels (Sugar Gliders), and a handful of cats. All of which are...