The Fun, Easy Way To Bond With Your Pet & Discover Something New

Life is busy, but it’s important for us pet owners to make a little time each day for our fuzzy friends. The bond we share with them is unbreakable, and we love them so much, we want it to stay strong – and get even stronger!

Lucky for us, building a solid relationship with our loyal pals isn’t hard to do. One of the easiest, most effective ways to show our companions how much we love them is through play! It’s a simple and fun way to spend time bonding, and you’ll both become happier, healthier, and closer than ever.

Playing is the key to your dog or cat’s heart (in addition to food, of course), and the best way to keep it exciting and challenging is to switch up your games. Every so often, introduce new treats and toys into your playtime routine to hold your pets’ interest while keeping their minds and bodies occupied.

The folks at iHeartDogs and PetBox love animals, and understand the importance of one-on-one play with our furry family members. We think dedicated pet parents deserve to save time and money while treating their pooches and purr-ers to the goodies that they deserve. That’s why our companies developed an affordable goody box that’ll arrive at your door once a month.

Each package contains treats, a toy, and a chew (for dogs), made with high-quality materials and ingredients. You’ll be able to save yourself time by avoiding the pet store, while discovering something new together in each and every box. And believe it or not, you’ll save money too: at just $9.99 / month for a year subscription (plus free shipping), you’ll be spending what you normally do for one toy on three stimulating surprises.

Image Source: Pet Box
Image Source: Pet Box


Play is essential for your companion’s well-being, so fun and games aren’t just “fun and games” – they’re necessities! When toys wear out and treats run low, they need to be replaced. Chances are, you refresh your pet supplies at least once a month, anyway – why not have them delivered right to your doorstep? But if their toy box begins to overflow and you need a break for a month or two, you can always pause or cancel your subscription. PetBox makes it easy to spend less time and money at the pet store – and more on your loyal friend.

Image Source: Pet Box


If those reasons aren’t enough to order your PetBox subscription for the deserving animal in your life, here’s one more: each purchase benefits the affiliated charity of your choice – just pick your cause at checkout.

Because we’re excited to spread the word about this new service, we’re doing a giveaway where one lucky winner will receive a PetBox on us. Just fill out your name and contact information here.

Your pet enriches your life so much, you’ll be thrilled to see the joy on their face when you receive PetBox each month. Together, the two of you will be able to discover something new!

To sign up for your PetBox subscription, click here.

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