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The Health Benefits of Raw Diets For Dogs

Every time there’s another dog food recall, raw diets start to look a little better. Few questions, especially the ones concerning what is best for one’s dog, ever have one totally RIGHT answer. There are drawbacks as there are with anything – raw food diets are often more expensive than your bulk bag of kibble on the shelf. But those who have switched to raw food diets swear by them, and claim some notable health benefits, such as the following.

No Potentially Harmful Chemicals

Processed foods contain several chemicals that don’t have any nutritional value. Your dog’s kibble, regardless of what brand you use, probably contains a preservative to keep it good without refrigeration. Preservatives have been linked to cancers, obesity, and several other health issues over the years. One such preservative, ethoxyquin, which was developed by Monsanto, is found in pesticides and is approved for consumption in regulated amounts in the USA for both humans and animals, but not in Australia or the European Union.

With raw food, what you see is what you get. There are no ten-syllable chemicals you wouldn’t know from one another listed on the label. Beef is beef, lamb is lamb, and you know exactly what is going in your dog’s stomach. Buying your raw foods from your local farmer’s market not only keeps you informed of what your dog is eating, it is as fresh as you can get without owning your own farm and supports your local farmers.

Avoid Obesity and Disease

Dogs on raw food diets are less likely to become obese. This may be because they don’t eat as many sugars and carbohydrates as kibble-fed dogs do and are less likely to overeat as their food doesn’t sit in a bowl all day, there for the taking. This makes them less prone to diseases that we’ve come to associate with obesity, or may be exacerbated by extra weight like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc. A pudgy puppy can be cute, but he could also be a lot healthier.

Cleaner, Healthier Teeth

Those who feed their dogs raw diets claim that their dogs have cleaner teeth and better smelling breath than kibble-fed dogs. Clean teeth mean less of a chance of periodontal disease, which is incredibly painful and can be expensive to treat. This may be because the bones in your dog’s raw food scrape the tartar off the surface of the teeth the same way a toothbrush does, and the lack of tartar-causing carbohydrates in their diet. All evidence of cleaner teeth in raw fed dogs is anecdotal (no scientific evidence exists) but the claims are consistent.

More Energy

People who have healthier diets tend to have more energy, feel better about getting out of bed in the morning and don’t depend on daily caffeine. It stands to reason that if your dog eats better, he’ll feel better too. People claim that even their senior dogs are less lethargic and more playful than their kibble-fed friends.

We all love our pets and we want what is best for them, and the best gift you can give your dog is a healthy lifestyle. Your dog relies on you for love, companionship and care, and his well-being lies in your hands. A raw diet will contribute to your dog’s health, and a healthy dog will live longer and be happier.

For anyone considering starting your pup on a raw diet but are not ready to dive in just yet, one easy way to get started is by adding raw foods gradually into your dog’s diet. It may also lessen the chance of upsetting your pup’s tummy with a big change in diet. Introducing a freeze-dried raw mixer made from 100% whole raw meat chunks, such as the Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixers, to supplement some of your pup’s meal will make the transition super easy and delicious (dogs go CRAZY for these healthy morsels).

Project Paws™ Raw, Single Ingredient Protein Boost Food Mixers
Project Paws™ Protein Boost Food Mixers

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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