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The 7 Most Unusual Habits of Havaneses

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on April 17, 2024

Havanese dogs, the national dog of Cuba, are renowned for their friendly disposition, luxurious silky coats, and charming, playful personalities. As a member of the Bichon family, these small yet sturdy dogs were historically kept as companions to the Cuban aristocracy, which has shaped many of their unique behaviors and traits. Havanese are not only adaptable and intelligent but also exhibit a range of peculiar habits that can be both amusing and baffling to their owners. These behaviors reflect their sociable nature and their historical role as entertainers and companions in the lavish homes of Havana. This article explores seven unusual habits of Havanese dogs, providing insight into why these small canines might display such distinctive behaviors and how they impact their interactions with humans and environments today.

1. Obsessive Following

Havanese are known for their tendency to follow their owners from room to room, often described as being like a little shadow. This habit stems from their historical role as close companions to the nobility, where they were bred to provide constant companionship. This ‘velcro’ nature means they are rarely comfortable being left alone and prefer to be in the presence of their human family at all times. This can lead to separation anxiety if they are not trained early to handle short periods of solitude.

2. Paper Shredding

A particularly quirky habit of the Havanese is their love for shredding paper. This can include anything from newspapers to toilet paper. While this might seem destructive, it is often a sign of their playful nature and intelligence seeking stimulation. Owners can manage this behavior by providing plenty of appropriate toys and engaging in regular play sessions, directing their shredding instinct towards less valuable items.

3. Spinning in Circles

Many Havanese dogs exhibit the amusing habit of spinning in circles, particularly when excited or waiting for food. This spinning behavior is thought to be a way of burning off excess energy and expressing their enthusiasm. While it’s generally harmless, ensuring that your Havanese gets plenty of physical and mental exercise can help manage excessive spinning, especially if it becomes obsessive.

4. Hiding in Small Spaces

Despite their sociable nature, Havanese sometimes display a preference for hiding in small, enclosed spaces. This could be under furniture, in laundry baskets, or even behind curtains. This habit may stem from their instinct to create a safe, cozy den-like area where they can retreat. Providing a dedicated quiet space or crate where they can feel secure can help satisfy this need.

5. “Talking” to Their Owners

Havanese are quite vocal and are known for their unusual habit of ‘talking’ to their owners through a series of grunts, hums, and other vocalizations. This is not typical barking but appears to be an attempt at communication, reflecting their social nature and desire to interact with their human family. Responding to their sounds can encourage this communication, strengthening your bond.

6. Watching TV

Interestingly, Havanese are often captivated by television and can spend considerable time watching the screen intently. This habit might be linked to their visual acuity and high intelligence, which makes moving images on screens fascinating to them. Owners might notice their Havanese reacting to animals on the TV or following dialogues with concentration.

7. Picky Eating

Havanese are known for their sometimes picky eating habits. This can be a manifestation of their intelligent and discerning nature, preferring certain flavors and textures over others. To manage this, introducing a variety of healthy foods in small quantities during their early years can help prevent a Havanese from becoming overly fussy.

The Havanese breed, with its rich history and dynamic personality, displays several unique behaviors that endear them to their owners and make them excellent companions. Understanding these unusual habits is key to creating a nurturing environment where a Havanese can thrive and express its affectionate, lively nature. With the right care and attention, these peculiar habits can enhance the bond between the Havanese and their families, providing endless amusement and companionship.

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