You Won’t Believe That This Adorable Dog Is Actually…A Cake!

When cake baker Emma Jayne Morris was asked to make a Husky cake for a birthday party in June of 2014, she discovered a hidden talent, according to Metro UK. Although she’s most certainly an artist, it turned out that she had a particular gift for sculpting cakes that resemble dogs and cats. In fact, some of her edible artistry has even been featured in Cake International magazine, including this stunning Bulldog creation:

There’s no doubt that Morris’ cakes are spectacular. The only problem is, they’re almost too beautiful — and life-like — to eat!

Check out some more of her magnificent cakes!

Whether you’d eat one or not, you have to admit, they’re pretty cool!

Would you ever order a cake that resembles your furry friend? Or would it just be too weird to take a slice? Tell us in the comments below! 

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