They Set Up A Camera To Find Out How The Heck Their Dog Got Food Out Of The Fridge

Do you leave your dogs alone at home? Well you better be careful! Dogs are very clever when it comes to raiding the kitchen for food! Did you see that video of a dog who climbed the kitchen counter and got some food out of the oven? That was one resourceful little doggy!

Now here’s another clever and very resourceful dog. His owners were wondering how their dog could get the food out of the fridge, so they setup a camera to see how he does it! When they saw the footage, they were stunned! Watch the video below and see how this dog opens the fridge and gets the food from the shelves!

Now that’s one clever doggy, don’t you agree? He easily opened the fridge and used the chair so he can reach the food in the shelves! Amazing!

Has your dog ever done something like this? Share your stories by leaving a comment below!

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