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25 Things to Love About Whippets

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on April 22, 2024

Whippets, known for their elegant appearance and lightning-fast speed, are a breed that epitomizes grace and agility. Originally bred for rabbit hunting and racing, they are a member of the sighthound family, sharing lineage with the larger Greyhound. Whippets are characterized by their streamlined bodies, deep chests, and long, slender legs, which enable their renowned bursts of speed. Beyond their physical capabilities, Whippets are cherished for their gentle and friendly temperament, making them excellent companions both in active households and as calm family pets. They possess a unique combination of athletic prowess and domestic affability, capable of sprinting vigorously one moment and curling up on the couch the next. With their quiet demeanor and minimal grooming needs, Whippets are an ideal choice for many families and individuals, offering the perfect blend of low-maintenance care and high-quality companionship. Here are 25 reasons why Whippets make such beloved pets.

1. Incredible Speed and Agility

Whippets are famed for their incredible speed, capable of reaching up to 35 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest dog breeds. This speed is paired with astonishing agility, allowing them to make sharp turns and sprints that are not only effective in the chase but also spectacular to watch. Their athletic prowess makes them stars in dog sports, particularly in lure coursing and agility competitions.

2. Gentle and Affectionate Temperament

Despite their athletic nature, Whippets are incredibly gentle and affectionate with their families. They are known for their soft demeanor and are often described as ‘velcro’ dogs due to their desire to stay close to their owners. This affectionate nature makes them excellent companions, especially for those who value close bonds with their pets.

3. Excellent Companions for Children

Whippets are known for being wonderful with children. They are patient and gentle, making them safe companions for kids. Their friendly and playful nature is a perfect match for the energy levels of children, though as with all breeds, interactions should always be supervised.

4. Quiet and Well-Mannered

One of the most appealing traits of Whippets is their quietness. They are not prone to excessive barking, which makes them excellent pets for living in close quarters, such as apartments or shared houses. Their well-mannered nature extends to their behavior around the home, where they are calm and unobtrusive.

5. Low Maintenance Grooming

Whippets have a short, smooth coat that requires very minimal grooming. They are an ideal choice for those who do not wish to spend a lot of time or money on grooming. A quick brush a few times a week and occasional baths are all they need to keep their coat looking clean and healthy.

6. Minimal Shedding

Along with their low grooming needs, Whippets also benefit from minimal shedding. This trait makes them suitable for owners who prefer to keep a tidy home and for those who may have mild allergies to pet hair.

7. Adaptability

Whippets are highly adaptable dogs. They can thrive in various living environments, from spacious rural homes to compact city apartments, as long as they receive adequate exercise. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of lifestyles and settings.

8. Good Health Overall

Whippets are generally healthy dogs with a longer lifespan compared to other breeds of their size. Typically living 12-15 years, they can remain vibrant and active well into old age with proper care, regular veterinary check-ups, and a healthy diet.

9. Sociable with Other Dogs

Whippets are typically very sociable with other dogs. They enjoy the company of their canine counterparts and can often be seen engaging in playful activities with other pets. This sociability makes them great candidates for visits to dog parks and other social settings.

10. Loyal and Protective

Despite their gentle nature, Whippets are surprisingly loyal and can be protective of their families. They form deep attachments to their owners and are always keenly aware of their environment, making them quietly vigilant protectors.

11. Ideal for Active Owners

Whippets are perfect companions for active owners. They love to run and play, and they excel in sports that allow them to use their natural speed and agility. For owners who enjoy jogging, hiking, or simply spending time outdoors, Whippets are enthusiastic partners.

12. Loving and Empathetic

Whippets are not only affectionate but also highly empathetic. They seem to possess an innate ability to sense their owners’ emotions and will often provide comfort during times of stress or sadness. This emotional intelligence endears them deeply to their families.

13. Elegant Appearance

The elegance of a Whippet is undeniable. With their sleek lines, graceful movements, and expressive eyes, they carry an air of aristocratic beauty that is both captivating and dignified. Their appearance is often a talking point and attracts admiration from dog lovers and the general public alike.

14. Easy to Train

Whippets are intelligent and generally easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praises. Training them is usually a rewarding experience as they are quick learners and keen to please their owners.

15. Good Natured

The good nature of Whippets is a hallmark of the breed. They are seldom aggressive and are known for their even temperament, which makes them excellent pets for families and singles alike. They handle new situations and people with calm curiosity, rarely showing timidity or aggression.

16. Comfortable Being Alone

While they form strong bonds with their owners, Whippets are also comfortable being alone for reasonable periods. This makes them suitable for owners who work during the day, as they can cope well without constant companionship, provided they get enough attention when their family is home.

17. Not Prone to Wander

Whippets are not typically prone to wandering. They are homebodies who enjoy the comforts of their living environment and are usually content to stay close to their familiar surroundings. This trait makes them less likely to try to escape or roam far from home.

18. Enjoy Variety in Exercise

While known for their sprinting ability, Whippets also enjoy a variety of other exercises. From leisurely walks in the park to playful frolics with toys, they appreciate diverse physical activities that keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

19. Space-Efficient

Due to their moderate size and calm indoor behavior, Whippets don’t require a lot of space inside the home. They can comfortably live and move in modestly sized areas, making them perfect for various living situations.

20. Natural Athletes

The athletic nature of Whippets extends beyond just running. They excel in various canine sports such as flyball and agility, showcasing their physical capabilities and competitive spirit. Engaging them in these activities can provide excellent mental and physical exercise.

21. Heat Tolerant

Whippets are relatively tolerant of heat, thanks to their short coats and lean bodies. However, like all dogs, they should be monitored during hot weather and provided with plenty of water and shade to prevent overheating.

22. Great for Competitive Dog Sports

Their speed and agility make Whippets excellent candidates for competitive dog sports. They are often stars in the racing and agility arenas, where they can showcase their athletic skills and competitive nature.

23. Cuddly and Comforting

Whippets are known for their love of cuddling. They enjoy snuggling up with their owners and can be quite comforting, providing warmth and affection. This makes them excellent companions for relaxing at home.

24. Travel-Friendly

Due to their adaptable and generally calm nature, Whippets are good travel companions. They adjust well to new environments and can handle various modes of travel, making them great pets for families who like to take trips with their canine members.

25. Inspire an Active Lifestyle

Owning a Whippet can inspire an active lifestyle. Their need for regular exercise and love of the outdoors encourages their owners to get outside and engage in physical activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle for both the dog and its owner.

Whippets are a breed that combines beauty with agility, affection with independence, and vitality with tranquility. These diverse attributes make them beloved companions and respected competitors in the dog world. Whether racing across a field or resting by your side, Whippets bring joy and elegance into the lives of those who choose to welcome them into their homes. Their adaptability and loving nature make them suitable for a variety of homes and lifestyles, ensuring that their popularity continues to endure.

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