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25 Things to Love About Yorkies

Written by: Arlene D.
Arlene A. Divina, a resident of the Philippines, is a devoted fur mom to two adorable dogs: a Shih Tzu and a Beagle. With a passion for animals and storytelling, Arlene has channeled her love for dogs into her career as a content writer at iHeartDogs. Her writing captures the essence of the bond between humans and their furry companions, offering insights, tips, and heartfelt stories to a wide audience of dog enthusiasts. Read more
| Published on April 18, 2024

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, embody the quintessence of a big personality in a small package. Originating from the county of Yorkshire in England during the 19th century, they were initially bred to catch rats in textile mills but quickly ascended to the role of beloved lapdogs for Victorian ladies. They are distinguished by their luxurious, silky coats and their sharp, intelligent eyes. Compact in size but sprightly and assertive, Yorkies are well-loved for their spirited demeanor and endearing qualities. Their tiny stature and affectionate personalities make them ideal companions for a variety of living situations, from large houses with yards to small city apartments. Beyond their beauty and bravado, Yorkies offer numerous endearing qualities that make them one of the most popular breeds in the world. Here are 25 reasons why Yorkies are so easy to love.

1. Compact Size

Yorkies are renowned for their compact size, making them the perfect companion for those living in apartments or homes with limited space. Typically weighing no more than seven pounds, they fit easily into many lifestyles and environments. Their small size makes them easy to transport and ideal for traveling, ensuring they can accompany their owners on adventures without hassle. This size also allows them to be close to their owners, often curling up in laps or tucking into small comfortable spaces, embodying the perfect lap dog.

2. Bold and Brave

Despite their diminutive size, Yorkies have a reputation for being bold and brave. They carry themselves with a confident air and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or their loved ones. This bravery makes them excellent watchdogs, as they are always alert and vocal when they sense unfamiliar activity. Their courage is a testament to their terrier heritage, showing that they still carry the fearless spirit of their ancestors who were bred to chase down rats in mills.

3. Low-Shedding Coats

Yorkies are known for their beautiful, silky coats, which are surprisingly low-shedding. This makes them an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies or who prefer not to deal with the constant shedding associated with many other breeds. Their hypoallergenic coats require regular grooming to keep them looking their best, which can be a delightful bonding activity between pet and owner. The luxurious quality of their hair adds an element of elegance and charm to their already adorable appearance.

4. Long Lifespan

Yorkshire Terriers are known for having a relatively long lifespan compared to other dog breeds, often living into their mid to late teens. This longevity allows for an extended companionship, creating a deep and enduring bond between the Yorkie and their family. A long life means more years of joy, love, and memories together, making them a long-term commitment that brings prolonged happiness.

5. Intelligent and Trainable

Yorkies are surprisingly intelligent and eager to please, making them relatively easy to train. They are quick learners and can master basic commands as well as more complex tricks. This trainability makes them great companions for those who enjoy teaching their pets new skills. Additionally, their intelligence means they are quick at problem-solving, which can be particularly amusing to watch as they navigate their environments.

6. Loyal Companions

Loyalty is a hallmark trait of the Yorkshire Terrier. They are extremely devoted to their families and often form a particularly close bond with one person whom they follow faithfully. This loyalty makes them more than just pets; they are true companions that share a deep, emotional connection with their owners. Their dedication and affection make them wonderful pets for those seeking a committed and loving friend.

7. Great for Families with Older Children

Yorkies can be great pets for families with older children who understand how to interact gently with small dogs. Their playful and energetic nature makes them good companions for children who can match their energy levels. They enjoy being part of family activities and can keep older kids entertained with their antics and desire for play.

8. Adventurous Spirits

Yorkies possess an adventurous spirit that makes them curious and eager to explore the world around them. Whether it’s a new corner of the home or a park they’ve never visited, Yorkies approach life with a sense of wonder and excitement. This makes them fun pets for those who enjoy active lifestyles and taking their canine companions on new adventures.

9. Naturally Sociable

Yorkshire Terriers generally enjoy the company of people and other dogs. They are sociable creatures who thrive on interaction and love being the center of attention. This sociability makes them great companions for social events and gatherings, where they can charm everyone with their friendly demeanor and adorable looks.

10. Stylish Pets

With their stunning coats and perky topknots, Yorkies carry a natural panache that makes them some of the most stylish pets around. They often turn heads during walks and can be dressed in a variety of cute outfits that complement their elegant fur. For those who enjoy indulging in pet fashion, Yorkies are perfect models, sporting everything from cozy sweaters to fashionable boots with aplomb.

11. Comforting Presence

Yorkies are particularly adept at providing comfort to their owners. They seem to possess an innate ability to recognize when their family members are feeling down or unwell and will stick close to offer comfort and companionship. Their presence can be soothing and reassuring, making them excellent emotional support animals for those in need.

12. Ideal for the Elderly

Their manageable size and relatively calm temperament make Yorkies ideal companions for the elderly. They provide loving companionship without the need for excessive exercise, and their affectionate nature can greatly enhance the quality of life for older adults. They are also easy to care for, requiring only moderate grooming and exercise, making them suitable for older individuals with limited mobility.

13. Watchful and Alert

Yorkies may be small, but they are always watchful and alert. This makes them excellent little watchdogs who will promptly alert their owners to anything amiss. Although they should not be relied upon for protection, their vigilance can provide an additional sense of security to their families.

14. Minimal Exercise Needs

Unlike larger, more active breeds, Yorkies do not require a lot of physical exercise. A few short walks and some playtime inside are usually enough to satisfy their physical needs. This makes them ideal for city living or for those who have a more sedentary lifestyle but still want the companionship of a dog.

15. Travel-Friendly

Due to their small size, Yorkies make excellent travel companions. They can easily fit into a small carrier and accompany their owners on various trips, whether by car, train, or plane. Their adaptable nature means they can settle down quietly and comfortably, making them perfect pets for those who love to travel but don’t want to leave their furry friends behind.

16. Expressive Personalities

Yorkies are not just cute; they have highly expressive personalities that reflect a wide range of emotions, from joy and excitement to curiosity and even sass. Their expressive eyes and animated expressions make them particularly endearing and often feel like they are communicating directly with their human companions.

17. Good Health

Overall, Yorkies are a healthy breed with the potential to live a full and vibrant life with proper care. They do have some breed-specific health issues, but with regular veterinary care and a healthy lifestyle, they can maintain good health throughout their lives. This robust health helps to minimize veterinary costs and ensures that they can remain active and happy members of the family.

18. Affectionate Without Being Overbearing

Yorkies are affectionate and love to cuddle with their owners, but they are also independent enough to entertain themselves when needed. This balance makes them ideal for people who want a loving pet that doesn’t require constant attention. They are happy to be near their owners, whether that means sitting on a lap or resting nearby on their own bed.

19. Community and Support

Owning a Yorkie can connect individuals to a larger community of Yorkie enthusiasts and owners. There are numerous clubs, online forums, and social media groups dedicated to Yorkshire Terriers where owners can share tips, stories, and advice. This community can be a great resource for new and experienced Yorkie owners alike, providing support and friendship.

20. Minimal Barking

While Yorkies are alert and can be vocal, they generally do not bark excessively. With proper training, they can learn to moderate their barking, making them well-suited to apartment living and situations where excessive noise would be problematic. Their ability to be quiet, coupled with their small size, makes them excellent pets for living in close quarters with neighbors.

21. Ease of Care

Despite their luxurious coats, Yorkies are relatively easy to care for. Regular grooming and bathing are the main requirements, along with basic exercise and diet management. They do not require the same level of physical activity as larger breeds, making their day-to-day care manageable for people with busy lifestyles or limited physical ability.

22. Positive Impact on Mental Health

The companionship of a Yorkie can have a profoundly positive impact on mental health. Their cheerful and affectionate nature can help reduce stress, combat loneliness, and increase overall happiness. Many Yorkie owners report that their pets have brought them joy and improved their quality of life, making these dogs not just pets, but therapeutic companions.

23. They Make Great Pets for Multiple Pet Households

Yorkies generally get along well with other pets, especially if they are raised together from a young age. Their sociable nature and small size make them unlikely to pose a threat to other pets, and they can integrate well into a household with existing animals. This makes them a great choice for pet owners looking to add another furry member to their family.

24. They Are Highly Adaptable

Yorkies are highly adaptable dogs that can thrive in various environments and adjust to different lifestyles. Whether living in a bustling city or a quiet rural area, they can adapt to their surroundings and find joy in their daily lives. This adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of owners, from young professionals to retirees.

25. They Bring Unconditional Love and Joy

Yorkies offer unconditional love and joy to their families. Their boundless affection, coupled with their playful and spirited nature, brings light and happiness into homes, enriching the lives of those they live with. Their presence can turn everyday moments into special memories, making each day brighter and more enjoyable.

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Yorkshire Terriers are more than just a toy breed with a pretty face; they are full of life, love, and loyalty. Their combination of bravery, intelligence, and affection makes them outstanding companions and beloved members of many families. Whether snuggled on the couch, playing fetch, or joining in on family trips, Yorkies bring a unique blend of joy and companionship to their owners’ lives. Their enduring popularity is a testament to their many wonderful qualities, making them a cherished breed worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a companion for adventures or a loving friend to share your home, a Yorkie might just be the perfect choice.

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