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Top 10 Heaviest Dog Breeds

| Published on August 20, 2020

They say that “bigger is better” and for those of us who love colossal canines, the same applies when we choose a companion!

The pups below are not only tall and sturdy, they’re heavy when they’re at their healthiest weights. But that’s okay, we just consider them to be big, fluffy, balls of love. If you want a dog that could potentially weigh more than the humans in the family, read on.

#1 – Great Dane


Also one of the tallest dogs, the Great Dane can reach 30-34 inches tall at the withers and large males can reach up to 200lbs.

#2 – Newfoundland


What looks like a large teddy bear is a dog called a Newfoundland. The heaviest recorded Newfoundland was 260lbs. and over 6 feet long! That’s quite a gentle giant!

#3 – Neapolitan Mastiff


Neapolitan Mastiffs are very large dogs in the 170-200lb. range. They, like all other mastiff breeds, are wonderful companions, if you can stand the size and the drool!

#4 – English Mastiff


Though they are one of the shorter mastiff breeds, English Mastiffs can reach up to 250 pounds. Despite their size, they are very easy keepers that require smaller amounts of exercise than most other large breeds.

#5 – Cane Corso Italiano


The Italian Mastiff is perhaps one of the most beautiful of the molossers. These dogs have a shorter weight range according to their breed standard, at about 99-110lbs. for both males and females.

#6 – Leonberger


The Leonberger looks like a lion. Coming from Leonberg, Germany, this large breed may look bigger than he really is. Although this breed has a very thick coat, he still tops the charts at 115-170lbs.

#7 – Perro de Presa Canario


The Presa Canario originates in the Canary Islands, where he was used to fight large game. Because of this, the breed weighs in around 80-130lbs.

#8 – Dogue de Bordeaux


This French Mastiff has become popular due to a canine star named Hooch. While many may want a dog with a famous cousin, they need to be prepared to house one. Dogue de Bordeaux’s are typically 120-145lbs.

#9 – Saint Bernard


These gentle giants started as excellent working dogs from the Swiss Alps. They were used as carting and rescue dogs, and therefore their size resembles that of a small horse. Males can top a weight of 264lbs!

#10 – Irish Wolfhound


The tallest breed of dog on average is also one of the heaviest. Reaching almost 3 feet tall at the withers, Irish Wolfhounds can weigh over 150lbs.

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