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Top 10 Dog Breeds That Adore Their Owners

Written by: Ejay Camposano
A college graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Ejay has a diverse background that combines technical expertise with a passion for pets and is now one of the content writers at IHD. Read more
| Published on May 31, 2024

There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog. They greet us with wagging tails and sloppy kisses, and their unwavering loyalty can brighten even the darkest days. While all dogs have the capacity to love their owners deeply, certain breeds take this affection to another level with their silly quirks and habits. From the well-known to the lesser-known, these breeds adore their humans with an endearing and entertaining passion. Let’s look lightheartedly at the top 10 dog breeds that adore their owners, showcasing their unique personalities and the charming ways they express their love.

10. Azawakh

If you’ve never encountered an Azawakh, you’re in for a delightful surprise. This sleek and slender sighthound from West Africa is known for its elegant appearance and surprising playfulness. Despite their regal looks, Azawakhs are notorious for their goofy zoomies, sprinting around the house like a race. They love to snuggle up close to their owners, often draping themselves across laps like a warm, living blanket. Their expressive eyes seem to say, “I love you,” as they gaze adoringly at their humans. Azawakhs may have a mysterious air, but their devotion is clear.

9. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Meet the Bergamasco Sheepdog, a breed that looks like it walked straight out of a fairy tale with its long, matted coat. Underneath all that hair is a heart full of love and loyalty. Bergamascos are known for their calm and patient nature, making them perfect companions for people of all ages. These dogs have a charming habit of nudging their owners for attention, and when they do, it’s impossible to resist their woolly faces. They’re also great at reading emotions and will sit quietly by your side when you need comfort. Their gentle demeanor and unwavering affection make them a true treasure.

8. Kooikerhondje

The Kooikerhondje might be hard to pronounce, but this Dutch breed is easy to love. Originally used to lure ducks into traps, Kooikerhondjes has transitioned smoothly into the role of affectionate companion. These dogs are known for their playful nature and signature “Kooiker dance,” where they spin in joyous circles. They’re also adept at picking up on their owners’ moods, often providing a comforting presence when needed. Kooikerhondjes have an infectious zest for life, and their boundless energy and loving nature ensure they form deep bonds with their families.

7. Xoloitzcuintli

Pronouncing Xoloitzcuintli (show-low-eats-QUEEN-tlee) might be a tongue-twister, but loving this ancient Mexican breed is straightforward. Also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog, the Xolo comes in three sizes and can be hairless or coated. Hairless Xolos, with their warm, smooth skin, love to snuggle under blankets, often creating a warm, cozy bundle of affection. They have a knack for finding the comfiest spot on the couch and making it their own. Xolos are incredibly loyal and follow their owners from room to room, ensuring they’re never too far away. Their unique look and loving nature make them unforgettable companions.

6. Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo, with its curly coat and joyful personality, is a truffle-hunting dog from Italy that has won hearts worldwide. These dogs are bundles of energy and love nothing more than playing with their owners. Thanks to their truffle-hunting roots, Lagottos have a hilarious habit of digging and will often try to dig up the garden or yard in search of “treasures.” Their exuberance and love for life are contagious, making every day an adventure. Lagottos also keenly understand their owners’ emotions and often offer a paw or a nuzzle when comfort is needed.

5. Pumi

The Pumi, a Hungarian herding dog, is a small, energetic breed with a big heart. These dogs are known for their lively personalities and distinctive, perky ears. Pumis love to herd everything, from sheep to their human family members, often gently nudging them in the direction they think they should go. Their intelligence and quick learning ability mean they excel at tricks and obedience, but they also have a mischievous side that keeps their owners on their toes. Pumis are incredibly affectionate, often leaning into their owners for a cuddle, and their cheerful disposition makes them irresistible.

4. Schipperke

The Schipperke, or “little black devil” as it’s affectionately known, is a small dog with a huge personality. Originating from Belgium, these dogs are curious, adventurous, and full of energy. Schipperkes loves to play and can often quickly zoom around the house or yard. They have a hilarious habit of perching on high places, like the back of the couch, to keep an eye on everything. Despite their small size, Schipperkes are fiercely loyal and protective of their families. Their playful antics and devoted nature ensure they form deep, loving bonds with their owners.

3. Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund, a breed originally used for herding reindeer, is a fluffy bundle of love and affection. These dogs are gentle and friendly, ready for a cuddle or a play session. Finnish Lapphunds have a playful side and are known for their love of snow, often romping around in it with pure joy. They have a cute habit of “talking” to their owners with various sounds, from barks to howls, as if carrying on a conversation. Their loving nature and playful spirit make them wonderful companions, always ready to brighten their owners’ day with a wag of the tail.

2. Icelandic Sheepdog

The Icelandic Sheepdog, Iceland’s only native breed, is a friendly and energetic dog that loves being the center of attention. These dogs are known for their cheerful disposition and unique way of greeting their owners with a “smile” – a goofy grin showing off their teeth. Icelandic Sheepdogs are incredibly agile and love jumping and climbing, often finding themselves in the most unexpected places. They adore cuddling and often snuggle up to their owners, resting their heads on your lap and looking up at you with adoring eyes. Their cheerful personality and affectionate nature make them a perfect choice for families.

1. Havanese

The Havanese is at the top of our list, a breed that seems designed for companionship. These small, fluffy dogs are known for their cheerful and outgoing nature, always ready to make friends with everyone they meet. Havanese are incredibly affectionate and love to be the center of attention, often following their owners around the house like a shadow. They have a range of adorable habits, from their signature “Havanese hop” – a joyful, bouncy run – to their tendency to “talk” to their owners with various barks, yips, and grumbles. They are also known for their “dancing” – standing on their hind legs and twirling around, especially when they’re excited to see you. Havanese dogs form incredibly strong bonds with their humans and thrive on love and attention, making them the perfect breed for those looking for a devoted and delightful companion.

Ultimately, the best part about these breeds is their ability to bring joy, laughter, and unconditional love into our lives. Whether it’s the unique quirks of a Bergamasco or the cheerful antics of a Havanese, these dogs remind us every day why they’re truly our best friends.