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Traveling Couple Found Puppy On Mountain ‘Covered’ In Blue-Spray Paint

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on February 2, 2024

During their travels, Wes and Enes, an adventurous couple, found themselves in a rather unexpected and heart-wrenching situation. As they ventured along the side of a picturesque mountain, they stumbled upon a sight that would tug at their heartstrings. There, amid the rugged terrain, they discovered a small puppy, its fur marred by wet spray paint, and bearing signs of injury. This resilient pup, later christened as Blue, defied the odds, wagging its tail with an air of hope and contentment as it basked in the couple’s warmth and affection.

Unable to turn a blind eye to Blue’s plight, Wes and Enes made a compassionate decision. They chose to extend their assistance to the furry little traveler and brought him along to their hotel. There, they embarked on an act of kindness that would not only cleanse Blue’s body but also touch his soul—they gave him a soothing bath. This act of compassion marked the beginning of a transformative journey for both the couple and the resilient pup, forging an unbreakable bond that would redefine their adventure and infuse it with newfound purpose and love.



Amidst the mountain’s rugged beauty, Wes and Enes’s compassionate hearts continued to guide them. As they tended to Blue, the spray-painted and injured puppy, their gaze shifted to a poignant scene nearby. There, they spotted a mother dog alongside three other puppies, strikingly similar to Blue. The couple couldn’t help but deduce that this was Blue’s family, and the dire state of his health indicated the urgency of the situation. With unwavering determination, they resolved not to leave him in distress. Gently cradling Blue in their arms, they made a heartfelt decision to bring him back to their hotel, embarking on a journey that would forever intertwine their lives with those of the resilient puppy and his loving family.


Following Blue’s first bath, it became evident that he had been deliberately sprayed with ink, a cruel act that marred his appearance. Remarkably, despite his injuries and the traumatic experience, Blue displayed a serene disposition as he soaked in the warm water, followed by a much-needed nap. However, in the middle of the night, at 2 A.M., Blue’s demeanor took a distressing turn. He woke up in agonizing pain, panting heavily, and running a high temperature. Concerned for his well-being, Wes and Enes wasted no time and rushed him to a 24-hour veterinary clinic. The veterinarian’s assessment was grim—Blue had likely suffered a fall from a hill, resulting in critical injuries. The couple’s swift action was instrumental in saving Blue’s life, as without their intervention, he may not have survived.

Under the vigilant care of the veterinarian, Blue spent ten crucial days receiving the necessary treatments and shots, which were pivotal in ensuring his proper healing. During this time, he began his transformation from a street dog to a domesticated companion. The couple had grown deeply attached to Blue, but as full-time travelers, they recognized the importance of stability and routine in his life.

With a heavy heart, they made the difficult decision to find Blue a loving forever home where he could thrive. Turning to social media, particularly Instagram, they embarked on a quest to secure a caring and stable future for the resilient and endearing Blue.



After several video calls, they found the perfect home for Blue with Austin and Tori, who had a one-year-old Golden Retriever. After flying from Turkey to Denver, Colorado, the couple took Blue to his new forever home. Though it was a heartbreaking day, they knew they had made the right decision.

Blue’s new family, Austin and Tori, and their Golden Retriever, Bogey, were thrilled to welcome him into their lives. Blue is now spoiled, happy, and living the life the couple had hoped for him. They believe that their paths crossed with Blue because destiny intervened. Wes and Enes saved his life! And in turn, Blue reminded them that anything is possible through the power of love and compassion.

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