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Traveling with a Basset Hound: Tips for Success

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on December 8, 2023

Traveling with a Basset Hound can be a uniquely enjoyable experience. Known for their distinctive appearance with long ears and short legs and a laid-back and curious personality, Basset Hounds make endearing travel companions. However, their specific physical characteristics and care needs present unique challenges that must be considered for a successful trip. This comprehensive guide is designed to help Basset Hound owners prepare for various travel situations, ensuring their canine companions’ comfort and safety and a pleasant journey for everyone involved.

Understanding Your Basset Hound’s Travel Needs

Basset Hounds, while generally calm and adaptable, have unique requirements when it comes to travel. Their long ears and short stature require special care, and their inquisitive nature means they might get easily distracted or excited by new scents and environments. Understanding these traits is crucial for a stress-free travel experience.

Pre-Travel Health Check and Vaccinations

Before embarking on any journey, ensuring that your Basset Hound is in good health is essential. Schedule a visit to the veterinarian for a general check-up, and make sure all vaccinations are up to date. Discuss any travel-specific health concerns related to their breeds, such as ear infections or joint problems.

Choosing the Right Mode of Transportation

Selecting the most appropriate mode of transportation for your Basset Hound depends on the length of the journey and your pet’s comfort level. A well-ventilated and comfortable crate or a dog seatbelt is recommended for car travel. If flying, familiarize yourself with the airline’s pet policy, as some airlines have restrictions on brachycephalic breeds or dogs prone to respiratory issues.

Essential Gear for Comfortable Travel

Packing the right gear is essential for ensuring the comfort of your Basset Hound during travel. Include items such as a secure leash and harness, their regular food, water, and food bowls, favorite toys, and any required medications. Don’t forget to bring grooming supplies like ear cleaning solutions and wipes, given their propensity for ear infections.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Travel Environment

Your Basset Hound’s comfort during the journey is paramount. If traveling by car, ensure they have enough space to lie comfortably. For crate travel, choose a crate that is spacious enough for your Basset Hound to move around comfortably and is well-ventilated to prevent overheating.

Managing Exercise and Breaks

Regular exercise and bathroom breaks are important, especially during long journeys. Plan to stop every few hours to allow your Basset Hound to stretch, relieve themselves, and explore. Remember, Basset Hounds are scent-driven and may take longer to investigate new areas.

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Travel can be stressful for some Basset Hounds. Bring a familiar blanket or toy to help them feel more secure. If your Basset Hound is prone to anxiety, consider discussing calming strategies or medications with your vet before the trip.

Finding Pet-Friendly Accommodations

When booking accommodations, look for pet-friendly places with enough space for your Basset Hound to move around comfortably. Check for any additional fees or restrictions related to pets.

Ensuring Safety in New Environments

Always keep your Basset Hound on a leash in unfamiliar settings. Their strong sense of smell can lead them to wander off if they catch an attractive scent. Be vigilant about their safety, especially in crowded or outdoor areas.

Health Emergencies: Being Prepared

Be prepared for any health emergencies by knowing the location of veterinary clinics at your destination. Carry a pet first-aid kit and be aware of signs of common health issues in Basset Hounds, such as ear infections or joint pain.

Legal and Breed-Specific Considerations

Familiarize yourself with any breed-specific legislation or restrictions in your visiting areas. Ensure your Basset Hound complies with local laws, leash laws, and breed-specific requirements.

Traveling with your Basset Hound can be a fun and memorable experience with the right preparation. By focusing on their needs and ensuring their comfort and safety, you can enjoy the journey and create lasting memories with your faithful companion. Understanding your Basset Hound’s unique characteristics and planning accordingly is vital to a successful and enjoyable trip.


Must-Have Items to Bring When Traveling with Your Basset Hound

Traveling with a Basset Hound, known for their distinctive long ears and laid-back nature, can be a delightful experience. However, it’s crucial to pack the right items to ensure their comfort and safety. This guide focuses on the essential things to bring when traveling with your Basset Hound, ensuring they stay happy and healthy throughout your journey.

Durable and Comfortable Travel Crate

A sturdy and spacious travel crate is essential for your Basset Hound for both car and air travel. The crate should allow enough room for them to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Ensure it is well-ventilated and secure, especially for long journeys.

High-Quality Leash and Harness

A strong, durable leash and a well-fitting harness are important for keeping your Basset Hound safe during walks. Their scent-driven nature means they might pull or wander off to follow a scent, so a harness that provides good control and comfort is advisable.

Familiar Bedding and Comfort Items

Bringing along familiar items like your Basset Hound’s favorite bedding, blanket, or toys can provide comfort in unfamiliar settings. These items can help alleviate anxiety and make them feel more at home during travels.

Adequate Supply of Regular Food and Treats

Maintain your Basset Hound’s regular diet to avoid digestive issues. Pack enough of their usual food and some treats. Sudden changes in diet can cause stomach upset, so consistency in their diet is key.

Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

Collapsible food and water bowls are convenient for feeding and hydrating your Basset Hound during travel. They are lightweight, easy to pack, and ensure your dog has access to food and water at all times.

Grooming Supplies

Basset Hounds require regular ear cleaning to prevent infections, so include ear cleaning supplies in your travel kit. Additionally, bring grooming essentials like a brush, dog-safe shampoo, and paw wipes to keep them clean and comfortable.

Health and Medication Supplies

If your Basset Hound is on medication, ensure you have enough for your trip. Also, pack a basic pet first-aid kit for emergencies, including bandages, antiseptics, and tweezers.

Identification Tags and Microchip Information

Ensure your Basset Hound wears a collar with up-to-date identification tags. Check that their microchip information is current. This is crucial if they wander off or get lost during your travels.

Waste Management Supplies

Pack an adequate supply of waste bags to manage your dog’s waste responsibly. Proper waste disposal is essential when traveling in public spaces or staying in accommodations.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing or Accessories

If traveling in different weather conditions, consider packing appropriate clothing for your Basset Hound. This might include a coat for cold weather or protective footwear for hot pavements or rough terrains, ensuring comfort.


Packing these essential items will help ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience with your Basset Hound. You can focus on enjoying the journey together by anticipating and addressing their needs. Proper preparation is key to a successful and enjoyable trip with your Basset Hound.


Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling with a Basset Hound

1. How do I prepare my Basset Hound for a long car journey?

To prepare your Basset Hound for a long car journey, start with short trips to get them accustomed to being in a vehicle. Use a sturdy and comfortable crate or a dog seatbelt harness for safety. During the trip, make regular stops for bathroom breaks and exercise, and never leave your Basset Hound in the car unattended, especially in warm weather.

2. Is it safe for Basset Hounds to travel on airplanes?

Basset Hounds can travel on airplanes, but it’s essential to check with the airline for specific pet policies, as some airlines may restrict brachycephalic breeds. If flying in cargo, ensure the crate is airline-approved and your dog is comfortable. Consider your dog’s health and stress levels when deciding to fly.

3. What type of travel crate should I use for my Basset Hound?

A travel crate for a Basset Hound should be durable, well-ventilated, and large enough to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. For air travel, the crate must meet airline specifications. Ensure the crate is secure and escape-proof for your dog’s safety.

4. How often should I take breaks when traveling with my Basset Hound?

When traveling with a Basset Hound, plan to stop every 2-3 hours for bathroom breaks and to let them stretch and exercise. These regular breaks are essential for their comfort and help reduce travel-related stress or anxiety.

5. What are essential items to pack for my Basset Hound?

Essential items to pack for your Basset Hound include a suitable travel crate or harness, their regular food, water, collapsible bowls, a sturdy leash, waste bags, grooming supplies, familiar bedding or toys, and any necessary medications. Also, consider a first-aid kit for emergencies.

6. How can I keep my Basset Hound calm during travel?

Bring familiar items like a favorite blanket or toy to keep your Basset Hound calm during travel. Maintain a calm and reassuring presence, as dogs often pick up on their owner’s emotions. Consider practice trips and natural calming aids if they are prone to anxiety.

7. How do I ensure my Basset Hound stays hydrated during travel?

Ensure your Basset Hound stays hydrated by offering water at regular intervals, especially during breaks. Use portable water dispensers or collapsible bowls for convenience. Monitor their water intake, particularly in warm weather.

8. What health precautions should I take when traveling with a Basset Hound?

Before traveling, ensure your Basset Hound is up-to-date with vaccinations and preventative treatments like flea and tick control. Bring their health records and be aware of any breed-specific health issues that might need attention during the trip.

9. Can I take my Basset Hound to hotels or rental accommodations?

Many hotels and rental accommodations are pet-friendly, but policies vary. Research and confirm their pet policies in advance, including any additional fees or restrictions. Make sure the accommodations are suitable for your Basset Hound’s needs.

10. How should I handle my Basset Hound’s exercise needs while traveling?

To manage your Basset Hound’s exercise needs while traveling, plan for daily walks and play sessions. Avoid intense physical activity in extreme temperatures and always monitor their energy levels and overall health.

11. What should I do if my Basset Hound gets anxious or sick while traveling?

Provide comfort and reassurance if your Basset Hound shows signs of anxiety or sickness. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. Keep a list of emergency vet clinics handy in the area you’re visiting.

12. Are there specific dietary considerations for my Basset Hound when traveling?

Maintain your Basset Hound’s regular diet as much as possible during travel to avoid digestive issues. Bring enough of their usual food and avoid sudden dietary changes. Be cautious about feeding them unfamiliar treats or human food.

13. How do I manage my Basset Hound in crowded and public places?

Keep your Basset Hound on a sturdy leash in crowded and public places and remain vigilant. Use a harness for better control, especially if they tend to pull. Be mindful of their interaction with strangers and other animals.

14. What are the guidelines for international travel with a Basset Hound?

For international travel with a Basset Hound, familiarize yourself with the destination country’s pet import regulations, including required vaccinations, health certificates, and quarantine rules. Ensure your dog is microchipped and their details are up-to-date. Start preparations well in advance.

15. How can I ensure a smooth hotel check-in process with my Basset Hound?

To ensure a smooth check-in process at hotels with your Basset Hound, inform the hotel that you are traveling with a pet. Keep all necessary pet-related documents handy, and be aware of the hotel’s specific pet policies, including designated areas for pets and any additional fees.

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