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TRENDING: Are There Really “Wires” in This Popular Name Brand Dog Food?

| Published on August 19, 2015

More and more reports are coming in around the country as a photo from social media has brought something to the attention of pet owners across the country:

There may be wire in Pedigree Dog Food.


The images were posted on the Pedigree Facebook page, as well as to the Dog Food Advisor site, all showing what appear to be tiny wires (or in some cases, plastic tubing) sticking out of the pieces of kibble.

For example, the following image was posted by Cindy Ramirez, who said this

“I bought my dog a bag of your small dog chicken flavored dry food. A few days later she was throwing up and had bloody diarrhea, which contributed for several days after we took her to the vet. She had to be on medication and prescribed a special type of food from her vet. I saw reports of people finding plastic pieces/black fibers in their dog food. I checked my dogs food and sure enough I found some. My dog has been fine since we stopped feeding her Pedigree food. We will never be buying Pedigree products again”

Image  source: Pedigree / Facebook

One woman on the Dog Food Advisor site said “every single chunk of food I grabbed has there black wires! I showed it to my fiancé when he got home and they are plastic wires that the company is using as a binder for the food! It is so appauling! Some of the wires were even braided with frayed ends making the stronger and sharper!” ( The Dog Food Advisor gives Pedigree their lowest rating, one star.

Fox10 Phoenix contacted Pedigree, whose Spokesperson Lisa Campbell Director, Marketing and Communications for Mars Petcare, told them, “It’s absolutely safe, they can be totally confident that it’s safe to feed to their pets.”

“We’re confident that this is absolutely safe for our pets. If this were a metal wire we would be aware of it. We do several quality checks, and one of those checks is metal detection. So we’re confident that this is not metal, we have tested it,” she continued.

Instead of wire, Pedigree claims it’s meat and bone meal fibers that are coming through the final process and showing up in the kibble.

Pedigree has issued NO RECALLS in association with these claims, even though many coincide with the pets becoming ill after eating the food.


The above is a picture of beef meat and bone meal. As you can see there are some large pieces in the meal, but whether that is what is in the kibble, no one can know without third party testing, which we hope one of these dog owners does. If I found it in my dog’s food, I’d be looking for a magnet or metal detector to test it myself!

What do you make of these reports? Tell us in the comments below.

(H/T: Fox10Phoenix)

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