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Vet In Arkansas Creates App That Determines What Breed Makes Up Your Mutt


Do you know what breeds make up your beloved mutt? Well, worry no more! This veterinarian in Arkansas has created an app to help you determine the breeds that make up your dog!

Dr. Lauren Schluterman, an Arkansas vet, is the creator of the app named What’s My Mutt? She got the idea from her clients who ask her what breeds their mutts are from.

Dr. Schluterman also has an adopted mutt named Indy. And she too has been doing her own research, checking images online on what could be the possible breeds that make up her dog.

We would love to help solve the Mystery of your Mutt! Download “What’s My Mutt?” on the App Store today. http://tinyurl.com/whatsmymutt

Posted by What’s My Mutt? on¬†Saturday, February 20, 2016

And since DNA tests are costly, she thought why not make an app that is easier and cheaper!

Watch the video below and learn more about this amazing app!

Amazing, right? All you gotta do is input your dog’s features! Check out this video!

What’s My Mutt?Have you always wanted to know what breeds make up your beloved Mutt? Let us help solve that mystery. “What’s My Mutt?” is a brand new app developed by a veterinarian who was inspired to solve the mystery of her own mutt’s breed origins. Let us help you solve the age-old question, “What’s My Mutt?” Available now in the App store: http://tinyurl.com/whatsmymutt

Posted by What’s My Mutt? on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dr. Schluterman told WCNC, “The goal of the app is for it to become a tool for animal rescue and shelter groups or people looking to adopt a dog with a certain size or personality.

Available in the App store February 20th! #whatsmymutt #whatsmymuttapp

Posted by What’s My Mutt? on¬†Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You can download the app at the iTunes store for only $0.99, and part of the proceeds will go to Last Hope K9 Rescue.

For more details about Dr. Schluterman’s What’s My Mutt app, visit WCNC’s website.

You can also follow What’s My Mutt on Facebook for more info and updates!

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