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Surveillance Video ‘Captures’ Backyard Encounter With Coyotes And Pet Parents Are Concerned

Written by: Russel M
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| Published on April 17, 2024

In Henderson, Nevada, the serene suburbs were jolted by two alarming coyote encounters, each illustrating the persistent boundary between domestic tranquility and the wild instincts of nature. The first incident took place near the intersection of 95 and College Drive, where a residential backyard became the unlikely stage for a night-time predator-prey drama. A coyote, its eyes a reflective amber in the darkness, infiltrated the yard and made a sudden, brutal attack on an unsuspecting chihuahua, all captured by the homeowner’s surveillance system. The small dog’s peril was immediate, leading to an emergency rush to veterinary care.


These episodes have sparked a heightened awareness within the Henderson community, prompting discussions on how best to coexist with the surrounding wildlife. The importance of vigilance and proactive prevention measures has become a central theme, as residents seek to balance their idyllic suburban lifestyle with the realities of nature’s unpredictability. Through education and community cooperation, Henderson aims to navigate the challenges of living alongside wildlife, ensuring the safety of both residents and their beloved pets.


In a separate, equally unsettling scene in the upscale neighborhood of Seven Hills, another homeowner’s cameras recorded two coyotes lurking along the fence line of a well-manicured property. On this occasion, the domestic dogs inside the fence displayed playful ignorance of the potential danger just beyond their reach, barking and jumping as the coyotes watched with a cold, calculated interest. Unlike the first, this encounter did not lead to an attack, but it served as a chilling reminder of what could have been.

Doug Nelson, a wildlife expert from the Nevada Department of Wildlife, commented on these events, offering insights into coyote behavior and the increased interactions between urban life and wildlife. He explained that the expansion of suburban areas into natural habitats and the resulting easy access to food sources draw coyotes closer to human residences. Nelson advised the community on measures to deter these wild animals, including securing trash, reducing outdoor pet food exposure, and using noise to scare away potential intruders.


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