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WARNING: Don’t pick up your dog’s poop? Now you can be tracked down!

shutterstock_159115115Every single person who has cared for a lawn has cleaned up after a dog they didn’t reside with. Lazy owners walk their dogs and don’t bother cleaning up after them. Owners who have frequented dog parks become irritated when piles have accumulated and no one claims ownership. There was nothing for the responsible owner to do, but clean up the mess…. until now! 🙂

The Company

Poo Prints, has developed the technology for finding the owners who won’t clean up after their dogs. Many condo and apartment communities around the United States have begun implementing their services. Dogs residing within these communities must submit to a blood test to get their DNA into the system. Owners who don’t clean up after their dog may be held accountable for their efforts, or rather the lack of effort. Complexes and housing communities in forty-three states are currently utilizing this service.

Adoption in the United States

Various council chambers across the United States have been discussing utilizing this service. Due to many hiking/biking trails, dog parks, city parks that have been inundated with dog waste, many cities believe it is time to take action. Any dog living within city limits will need to submit to a mandatory blood draw. Owners of the dogs found to be “dropping and running” will be fined. A few of the cities considering utilizing the technology are Boulder, CO., Ipswitch, MA., Dallas, TX., and New York City.

Adoption Internationally

Naples, Italy has already implemented the city wide ban on not cleaning up after a dog. In this instance, dogs registered within city limits have submitted a cheek swab and not a blood draw. The responsible party will be fined five hundred euros, which equals six hundred and ninety American dollars. There are also places in Israel and Canada who have begun using this service as well.


Yes, irresponsible owners who don’t clean up after their dog needs to be held accountable for their actions, but how feasible will this service be? Will cities who implement this technology create a special “poop patrol” unit to collect samples? Would this be an opportunity for vengeful people to frame innocent parties? What recourse is there for owners who don’t live in the city limits but still use the trails and parks for their walks? Tell us what you think in the comment below!

While these and many more questions get bandied about in various council chambers across the country, responsible pet owners should look to getting this technology in their own communities. Bring it to their city councils, their home owner associations and the community at large. Unite against the owners who won’t clean up after their dog!


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Written by Renee Moen
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