We Found the Healthiest Dog Food Out There and They Deliver!

When it comes to fresh food delivery for your dog, Nom Nom is simply the best. From the recipe design to your doorstep there is a higher level of thought, science, and standard that is unmatched in the fresh dog food market.

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Scored 9.7/10 in Review

Woof Whiskers reviewed Nom Nom, taking careful consideration of everything from the ordering process to the packaging to the reaction from the reviewer’s dog upon eating it. They loved NomNom so much that they scored it a 9.7/10 and said it was their favorite.

“Nom Nom is our favorite option for fresh dog food delivery. Portion-sized resealable bags, excellent variety in recipes, high quality ingredients and freshness, and competitive pricing. What else can you ask for?”

Nom Nom is also rated #1 on reviews.com!


One of the things that sets Nom Nom apart from the pack is the fact that every recipe is strictly guided by Nom Nom own veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg. The human-grade ingredients used in NomNomNow’s recipes are sourced from restaurant suppliers.

All Nom Nom meals are prepared in their commercial kitchens in Nashville and the San Francisco area that is 100% owned and operated by Nom Nom. Owning their own facilities allows them to oversee the entire production from preparation to packaging. This is a huge deal because other dog food companies may be using a shared kitchen space, which impacts quality standards.


The designers at Nom Nom really considered user experience when they came up with the packaging.

  • Each meal pack is individually packaged and portioned, making mealtime easy and stress-free. No need to measure or scoop; just pour into your dog’s bowl and serve.
  • Meals are packed safely and securely in a heavy-duty brown shipping box with NomNomNow’s logo and messaging stating to refrigerate the contents as soon as possible.
  • Inside each box, meals are wrapped in bundles and packed with blocks of dry ice, keeping your pet’s food cold and fresh from their kitchens to your door.

Available Recipes

Nom Nom offers four different recipes for dogs, which is a wider variety of choices than other fresh food delivery companies. They also make it simple to sample or rotate recipes.

  1. Heartland Beef Mash: With ground beef, russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, and peas among other healthy ingredients, your pup will get the protein, fat, and flavor needed at meal time.
  2. Tasty Turkey Fare: Ground turkey, eggs, brown rice, carrots, and spinach give this recipe an ingredient profile that makes transitioning to fresh food easy.
  3. Chicken Cuisine: Diced chicken, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, and spinach lead the ingredients of this low-carb, high-flavor meal.
  4. Porkalicious Potluck: Ground pork, russet potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, brown mushrooms, and kale pack major nutrition and flavor.
  5. Variety Pack: Contains 150g bags of all four recipes so your pup can try each one to see which flavor they love the best.
  6. Recipe Rotation: If your dog likes variety in her diet, Nom Nom offers the option to rotate recipes each week or get multiple recipes in each delivery for just $5.

Weekly Cost

Nom Nom’s pricing depends on several factors such as your dog’s current and target weight, age, activity level, and the number of meals per delivery you prefer. Plans are shipped with one, two, or four weeks’ worth of meals with increasing discounts for larger shipments. The chart below gives you an idea, but naturally, your actual cost will depend on your individual plan.

If you are interested in trying out Nom Nom, there is no better time than NomNomNOW! Take advantage of a special offer just for the iHeartDogs community with 50% off your first order and see the difference fresh food can make for your dog’s health.

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