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Woman Left Devastated,Offers Reward After Her Dog Was Stolen During A Walk

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on April 29, 2024

On April 23, a quiet day turned traumatic for Greta Dean, a resident of Saint Paul’s East side, when her beloved French bulldog, Clementine, was stolen right in front of her. The incident occurred near the intersection of Westminster and York, where Greta was aggressively confronted by two men. Here’s what happened.

The Abduction

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Greta recals, “They allegedly pushed me down near my home and then stole my French bulldog,” visibly shaken by the memory. Greta and Clementine have shared a deep bond for the past seven years, experiencing life’s challenges and joys together. Reflecting on their time together, Greta and her dog have been through everything together over the last seven years and she just wants her home safe.

During the confrontation, Greta’s desperation was palpable. She described her futile pleas to the attackers: “I begged that I begged and you know, and in that moment it’s like there was no animosity, no hatred, no hard feelings. I just was desperate for him to stop and not take her.” Her recount of the incident reveals the raw emotional distress she experienced as she helplessly watched her dog being taken away.


Image Source Credit via YouTube

In response to this devastating situation, Greta has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a reward, hopeful that it will lead to Clementine’s safe return. She is offering up to $1,000, a testament to her determination to see her beloved pet again. The Saint Paul Police Department is actively investigating the theft and encourages anyone with information to come forward. This crime is not just an act of theft but an assault of personal safety.

As the community rallies around Greta, her story has touched many, drawing attention to the broader issues of safety and animal welfare. If you have any information that might lead to the recovery of Clementine, please reach out to the Saint Paul police. Let’s help bring Clementine back to where she belongs—home with Greta, who awaits her return with a heavy but hopeful heart.