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Woman Discovers Her Dog’s Strange Behavior Is From Meth & Cocaine Poisoning

| Published on April 24, 2018

Seeing your dog suffer is every pet parent’s worst nightmare, but what if you found out that their symptoms were the result of ingesting meth and cocaine?

That’s what happened to Jen O’Brien’s 2-year-old Boxer, named Allie, who hadn’t left the house or yard that day. When Allie started acting strangely, her parents rushed her to the vet, where a urine analysis determined that she had toxic levels of meth, cocaine and amphetamines in her system.

Puzzled as to where the substances could have come from, O’Brien can only assume that someone left the drugs on her property… or perhaps tried to poison her dog intentionally.

Watch a news clip on the story below:

“I was very startled,” O’Brien said in a story by WMUR9. “I’ve never heard of a dog even ingesting that before. It made sense with the symptoms that she was showing, but it was pretty scary. It was very scary.”

Thankfully, Allie was taken to the vet in time, and she will make a full recovery. Now, O’Brien wants to warn others that drug poisoning is a very real risk to our pups. She is also offering a $1,000 reward for information on how her dog could’ve gotten hold of these substances.

“I think it’s very strange,” the dog mom said in the story. “I think it needs to be out there just so people are aware. I don’t want any more dogs hurt. I’m worried about having my own dogs in my own yard.”

Sadly, drug epidemics can also harm our four-legged friends, who have no choice in the matter. The best way to prevent an accident like this is to scan your surroundings when you’re out with your furry friend, and always keep an eye on them when they’re outside.

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