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Breed: Yorkie Health Problems, Lifespan, Temperament & Maintenance

| Published on August 28, 2017

Minor concerns: Patellar luxation
Occasionally seen: PRA
Avg Size of Female: Height: 8-9 inches Weight: <7 pounds
Life span: 12–16 years
Suggested tests: Liver ultrasound, (knee), (eye)
Major concerns: Portacaval shunt, tracheal collapse, Leggs–Perthes
Avg Size of Male: Height: 8-9 inches Weight: <7 pounds

Brief History on Yorkshire Terrier Origin

The Yorkshire Terrier’s original function was to hunt and kill rats and other rodents in the cotton mills and mines in Yorkshire, England. Initially it was looked down upon by the upper class, however it’s beautiful appearance soon changed those skeptics opinion. The tiny dogs were shortly after being seen in dog shows and on the laps of upper class women. The first Yorkshire Terrier was born in America in the year 1872, however by the 1880s the breed varied in size from 7-14 pounds. Breeders and enthusiasts both in America and overseas decided that the smaller dog with longer hair was more sought after, and it was then bred to maintain those characteristics and look like the dog we all know today.

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Appearance

The Yorkshire Terrier has a very small and compact body, with glossy grey hair. The coloring is usually always a deep steel blue from head to tail, while the chest, feet and face are a lighter tan shade. Yorkies tend to carry their heads high with a sense of pride and dignity.

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Temperament

Some say the Yorkie is a big dog in a small package, due to its brave, bold and confident nature. Yorkshire Terriers are always looking for an adventure and do well in urban or rural living, they are also very playful but do not tolerate rough housing. These dogs are good watchdogs because of their tendency to bark at strange people, noises and animals; however they can be trained not to bark excessively. They are easily trained, but be careful not to spoil them because they can become snappy and over protective. These very affectionate dogs aim to please, but they should be socialized with other animals and dogs when they are puppies to avoid aggressive or dominant behavior later down the line.

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Maintenance

To prevent knots and keep its luxurious shine, the Yorkie’s coat should be brushed daily. It is an active breed that will get plenty of its energy out inside the home because of its small size, but its intelligence requires the mental stimulation of various activities and games. This breed enjoy short walks outside, however it is by no means an outside pet or should be kept as one.


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