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Your Dog has Diabetes. Here are the Next Steps:

| Published on September 10, 2020

My dog has what?! Whatever the symptoms were that made you take your pup to the vet, good for you for taking him/her in to see your veterinarian! For most people, the diagnosis is a shock… a HUGE surprise! Who even knew that dogs can get diabetes? The first thing that you do now is breathe. Deep breaths…

Next, consider all of your new supplies. If you don’t have any idea of what they should be, we recommend speaking to your vet and then heading to a one-stop-shop like PetTest, where you can get literally everything but the insulin. It’s important to get over the fear and understand what the supplies are for and how to use them. This is the time to ask all of your questions, and we mean ALL of your questions. Hopefully, your vet can answer them all in a way that you can understand. Don’t be afraid to ask “why?”.  You need to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it!

Food (except for pure protein and most vegetables) will raise blood glucose. Insulin will lower blood glucose. Getting this mix right is the key to good management. Using your meter at home is the best way to get a handle on this disease quickly, which is exactly what you want and what your dog needs. Please don’t “put your head in the sand” and fail to test at home. It is the single most important thing to do to keep your pup safe and your costs down.

Putting your fears aside is the greatest gift that you can give your pup right now. Most people have never given a shot before, let alone administered one to their best friend. Once you get over the fear of giving shots and testing, your journey will get a whole lot easier, a whole lot faster, and you will be on your way to being in a safe blood glucose range.

Before home testing, a $2,500/month vet bill is not uncommon in some areas of the United States. After making some modest investments in home testing products, many see that bill shrink to almost nothing! Why wait? Home testing between vet visits is a game changer! So please, get a meter and start testing.

Virtually everything that you need to successfully treat this disease can be found on iHeartDogs fans can save 30% on most products plus get free shipping within the USA with promo code IHEART30. Don’t delay!


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