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Amber King shared her childhood home in rural Pennsylvania with an unruly herd of chickens, turkeys, cockatiels, dogs, and more cats than she could count. Today, her home in Honolulu, Hawaii is run by a rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback named Copper and his sassy sister, Bailey. Rescuing Copper and Bailey inspired Amber to use her B.A. in professional writing to write about topics that truly matter to her. Whether they’re big, small, furry, or feathery, Amber loves all animals and uses her writing to share ideas, stories, and knowledge about animal-related topics. She will eventually return to her rural roots and fill a farm with as many furry friends as her husband will allow, but for now, she’s enjoying life in Hawaii with her dogs and working as a freelance writer. Contact her by emailing

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5 Ways To Help Your Local Animal Shelter

If you’re an animal lover, you’ve already thought about ways you can help the homeless ...

pit bull mix

Animal Shelter Comes Up With Clever Names For Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

For animal shelters across the country, getting potential adopters through the door is a tactical c...

Dog Doesn’t Recognize Dad After Shocking Transformation — Until He Gets A Familiar Whiff

With a sense of smell over 40 times more powerful than a human’s, dogs rely on their noses to...

blue buffalo

Twitter User Speaks Out About How Moldy Blue Buffalo Dog Food Killed Her Dog

Blue Buffalo is facing serious backlash after a Twitter user posted a photo of a bag of moldy dog f...

Hawaii Dog Finds Family After Accidentally Being Drug Behind A Truck For One Mile

Kaaawa K-9 Rescue in Kaaawa, HI is temporary home for the abused, neglected, and forgotten dogs of ...

Newly Adopted Deaf Dog Knows The Sign For “I Love You” Thanks To Her New Mom

When families decide to add a dog to their lives, purebred puppies often outshine those that are a...

dog with baby

Science Suggests Women Who Have Dogs Have Healthier Babies

Children and pets have always had a special bond, but a recent study shows their connection starts ...

senior dog prom

Older Shelter Dogs Get Their Chance To Shine At ‘Senior Prom’

Take a stroll through an average adoption event and you’ll coo over cute puppies and enjoy th...

dog goes to fur con

This Therapy Dog Accidentally Became The Star Of Fur Con

When Cheryl Wassus heard that the Motor City Furry Convention was coming to her home town, she made...