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Funny Dog Has A Very Interesting Way Of Going Through Doorways


When you have four good legs, your mobility options are virtually endless. You can walk on all fours, pick your two favorite paws and balance on them, trot, bunny-hop, even prance to your destination.

The Pit Bull Mix in this video has taken things to a whole new level. She has decided to channel Michael Jackson and moonwalk around the house!

As cute and silly as this video is, the dog is likely behaving strangely because she is fearful of walking or running on the slippery hardwood floors. Notice how she prefers to get around via the throw rug and the furniture whenever possible.

If your pup is skittish on hard floors, try a series of rugs and runners to create a path through your home or traction socks to help your pooch’s paws get a better grip!

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