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Kind-Soul Peels Open A ‘Moving Trash Bag’ To Free Dog Encased Inside

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on April 18, 2024

Although it can be difficult to read, we share stories about animal cruelty and abandonment to bring awareness to the reality many animals face along with rescuers. We only focus on stories with a happy ending, showcasing the resilience and tenacity these animals possess. Most dogs, after being wronged by humans, will go on to love people and thrive in a new home. Their forgiveness is inspirational! While this story begins tragically, the dog is now safe because a Good Samaritan went out of their way to help another creature in need.

Pennsylvania SPCA/Facebook

On a typical workday in Philadelphia, a Good Samaritan was performing routine tasks on a property when something unexpected caught his attention. He noticed a trash bag that seemed to be moving. Urgently, he tore open the bag and discovered a white and tan Pit Bull in dire condition. The dog was completely rigid, unable to move his head or feet. The worker gently extracted him from the bag, placed him on cardboard, and covered him with a blanket to keep him warm. After making the dog comfortable, he immediately contacted local authorities to report the situation.

While waiting for help, he offered the dog some food, hoping it would entice him to eat. The Pennsylvania SPCA responded promptly, arriving on the scene to transport the dog, who was later named Codi, to their facility. At the SPCA, the vets were initially puzzled by Codi’s condition. They pondered, “What had happened to this poor soul? Why had he been discarded like trash?” as noted in a Facebook post by the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Pennsylvania SPCA/Facebook

It soon became clear that Codi was unable to stand on his own. The veterinary team performed numerous tests, ensured he was well-fed, and provided plenty of fresh water. They began to gently stretch and massage his limbs, taking care not to frighten him. Over time, Codi managed to stand and eventually took his first cautious steps. This progress moved his rescuers to tears, hopeful that he would one day lead a normal life.

Pennsylvania SPCA/Facebook

The Pennsylvania SPCA was diligent in publicizing Codi’s need for a home. They featured him on social media and local news, which caught the attention of a family who instantly fell in love with him. Just one month after being found paralyzed in a trash bag, Codi was adopted. “The odds may have seemed against him, but he never gave up and last week, it all paid off when he found his forever home!” the Pennsylvania SPCA celebrated in a Facebook post.

Pennsylvania SPCA/Facebook

The staff was thrilled by his quick turnaround and his ability to overcome his harsh beginnings. Codi’s resilience and bravery left a lasting impression on them. He now lives a dream life with a family that loves him for who he is, having completely moved past his traumatic experiences. Play the video below to see Codi take his first steps. His new human friends cheer him on and he’s so proud of himself. Thank you to the SPCA, the Good Samaritan, and Codi’s new family.

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