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This Puppy Has Ear Markings That Mirror Her Adorable Face!


Like snowflakes, no two pets are alike, and this means that some end up with really cool markings!

Lucy is a white and black spotted pup who was at Lollypop Farm, a humane society in Fairport, New York.

According to The Dodo, she was part of a litter born to a stray dog who was rescued and brought to the farm last year. As Lucy grew, staffers were delighted to see that the markings on her ear were beginning to resemble her adorable face!

It’s no wonder that this little cutie found her forever home shortly after becoming available for adoption.

This story is short and sweet, but it’s too fun not to share! Born in the age of selfies, this sweet girl is certainly up with the times.

(h/t: The Dodo)

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