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How Often Should You Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

Ear infections are the second most common reason dogs visit the vet, so tending to your pup’s aural health should definitely be a priority. But how often is best when it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears at home? Under-cleaning can allow infection-causing yeast and bacteria to build up, while over-cleaning can strip away healthy wax and lead to irritation. A healthy amount of wax in your dog’s ears actually helps lubricate and protect the delicate skin of the canals … Read more

Ask A Groomer: Why Does My Dog’s Face Stink?

Have you ever noticed a foul odor coming from some part of your dog’s face and wondered what was causing the smell? There are several things you should be doing with your dog regularly to keep your dog’s head and face in top condition to prevent potentially serious health problems.     Wiping under your dog’s eyes daily with a warm, wet washcloth or an unscented baby wipe will help prevent their tears from turning into either slimy boogers or … Read more

This Puppy Has Ear Markings That Mirror Her Adorable Face!

Like snowflakes, no two pets are alike, and this means that some end up with really cool markings! Lucy is a white and black spotted pup who was at Lollypop Farm, a humane society in Fairport, New York. According to The Dodo, she was part of a litter born to a stray dog who was rescued and brought to the farm last year. As Lucy grew, staffers were delighted to see that the markings on her ear were beginning to … Read more

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Stick His Head Out Of A Moving Vehicle

Does any dog look happier than one with its head stuck out the window of a moving vehicle? Why would you want to deny your dog that pleasure? Actually, it turns out there are very good reasons to keep your windows closed (or only cracked). From Pet Health Network, How Stuff Works, and 1-800-PetMeds, here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t let your dog stick his head out the window while driving. Have you ever gotten a chip in your windshield … Read more

8 Fun Facts About Your Dog’s Ears

Short, pointy, floppy, and folded, our fuzzy friends have ears that are quite different from our own. Not only do their ear shapes differ, so do their uses and abilities. You see them every day–and chances are, you give ’em a good scratch–but here are a few fun facts that you may not have known about your pup’s furry appendages. 1. Dogs have around 18 muscles in each ear. The exact number depends on the breed. This is why they’re able … Read more