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3 Reasons Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Stick His Head Out Of A Moving Vehicle

| Published on February 11, 2017

Does any dog look happier than one with its head stuck out the window of a moving vehicle? Why would you want to deny your dog that pleasure? Actually, it turns out there are very good reasons to keep your windows closed (or only cracked). From Pet Health Network, How Stuff Works, and 1-800-PetMeds, here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t let your dog stick his head out the window while driving.

Have you ever gotten a chip in your windshield or a ding in the hood from debris flying up and hitting your car? What do you think would happen if that same debris hit your dog in the face? Road debris can scratch or puncture your dog’s eyes. Even if you taught them to tolerate wearing goggles, their noses and ears would still be at risk of damage.

Speaking of ears, the high wind speed causes so much ear flapping that it can actually damage your dog’s ears permanently. Repeated flapping can cause swelling, and swelling can cause scarring, which can lead to a lifetime of pain.

The best reason to keep your dog’s head inside the car is that most dogs can squeeze through a hole large enough for their head. They could jump or fall out of the car while you are driving at high speed, causing severe injuries or even death. Worse, imagine what could happen if you had to slam on your brakes while your dog had his head out the window. You’ve felt the seat belt throw you back into your seat after you slammed on the brakes; just picture those forces at work on your dog with part of him out the window. That image should be enough for you to keep your dog in the back seat, preferably restrained in a carrier or with a doggy seat belt.

You want your dog to have the best life possible, but sometimes it’s necessary to deny them simple pleasures–like letting them hang their head out the car window, in order to keep them safe for many happy years.

Featured Image Credit: Roban Kramer via Flickr

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