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Woman Gets The Best Reward After Helping Save Puppy From Abuser


When a woman named Heather Frazer heard the cries of a puppy nearby, she knew that something wasn’t right, and desperately searched for the source of the sounds.

The cries echoed near her home for weeks until one day, she was finally able to pinpoint the apartment they were coming from. Once she found the source, she called the police.

Inside, they found a horrible scene: a Golden Retriever puppy had been beaten with an iron rod, and there were two other cats who’d endured their share of abuse.

The apartment belonged to a young man named Shundong Hu, who was promptly arrested, and now faces charges. The pup was taken into the care of the Arizona Humane Society, where he was given treatment.

But this story has a wonderful ending! When Frazer, the hero, was invited to attend a press conference about the puppy, she was given an amazing surprise!

Watch a news clip on the story:

(Warning: this clip contains images that some may find disturbing.)

Frazer had expressed interest in adopting Raine while he was recovering, but because the rescue was flooded with applications, she wasn’t sure if she’d be given the chance.

“I didn’t know it would be a possibility, but it’s really not describable, it’s amazing,” Frazer said of bringing the pup home, according to the interview, above.

Watch the full press conference here:

(To see the heartwarming moment when Frazer gets the great news, fast forward to the 6:56 mark!)

What a beautiful, happy ending! This good Samaritan is a perfect example of being a voice for innocent animals who need help.

“Police say this story goes to show you if you see or hear something, say something,” reports Fox 10 News.

Thanks to her caring diligence, Raine has now found his forever home, and a new life, with his beloved hero.

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