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10 Best Personal Protection Dog Breeds


While there are many dog breeds that were originally created to serve as personal protectors and guardians, some are better than others. Many breeds have changed over the years and the variety of breeds used as working dogs has dwindled. Some people only need to have a dog that will bark and look intimidating, while others are looking for a dog that will bite should the scenario ever arise. Here we’ve listed the best of these breeds for both situations.

#1 – Belgian Malinois


The Belgian Malinois is the most popular police and military working dog breed across the world. They excel both in temperament and in their ability to stick to the job day in and day out. This is a very active breed that has been bred for working, particularly in biting scenarios, for over 100 years.

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#2 – German Shepherd Dog


The German Shepherd Dog remains one of the most widely used dog breeds in police and military working positions. They are very strong, stable dogs that excel at protection work. 

#3 – Dutch Shepherd


This Dutch breed is another very popular working dog when it comes to police and military positions. Like the Belgian Malinois, the Dutch Shepherd has been bred almost entirely for bite work with this remaining the main breeding goal for most enthusiasts.

#4 – Belgian Tervuren

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The Belgian Tervuren is the long-coated version of the Belgian Malinois, recognized as a separate breed by their breed club and registry. The Tervuren has not been as widely used as its Malinois brother, but can and does excel at protection work. 

#5 – Rottweiler


The Rottweiler might be one of the best personal protection dogs in existence. Their strong, sturdy build holds surprising athleticism and their temperament is perfect for the job. The Rottweiler is very serious and does not take well to strangers, especially when he or his owner feels threatened.

#6 – Doberman Pinscher


The Doberman was once much more widely used but has fallen behind many of the other working dog breeds. That said, there are still many working Dobermans today that make great personal protection dogs and will fight should they need to.

#7 – Giant Schnauzer


The Giant Schnauzer is much more intimidating than his Standard and Miniature cousins as has been used much more often for serious work. While not as popular as they once were, the Giant Schnauzer can still make a great personal protection dog. 

#8 – Bouvier des Flandres


The Bouvier is a large herding breed that has been and is still used in personal protection work. The breed does well as a guard dog and some will even fair well going into more serious situations. They are not as popular as they once were, but many bloodlines have maintained their working ability. 

#9 – American Bulldog


The American Bulldog is probably the best personal protection dog out of all of the bulldog breeds. They do well in many protection sports like Schutzhund and French Ring, but are not widely used by protection dog enthusiasts. 

#10 – Cane Corso


The Cane Corso is a great personal protection dog by its appearance alone, though some of the dogs in the breed do make great working dogs as well. A well-bred Cane Corso is extremely stable and social with adults and children, but will still protect his family should the time come. 

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