10 Best Personal Protection Dog Breeds

While there are many dog breeds that were originally created to serve as personal protectors and guardian dogs, some are better at this job than others. Many breeds have changed over the years and the variety of breeds used as guard dogs has dwindled. Some people only need to have a dog that will bark and look intimidating, while others are looking for a dog that will bite should the scenario ever arise. Here we’ve listed the best of these breeds for both situations.

If you’re looking for a good guard dog, look no further than these 10 breeds. Of course, some may need training to really do the job, but many are biologically equipped to protect.

#1 – Belgian Malinois


The Belgian Malinois is the most popular police and military working dog breed across the world. They excel both in temperament and in their ability to stick to the job day in and day out. This is a very active breed that has been bred for working, particularly in biting scenarios, for over 100 years.


#2 – German Shepherd Dog


The German Shepherd Dog remains one of the most widely used dog breeds in police and military working positions. They are very strong, stable dogs that excel at protection work. 

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