10 Cutting Edge Products Showcased at the 2019 SuperZoo Convention

As part of our commitment to bring you the best of all things dogs, we recently sent a team to the 2019 SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their mission – to find the latest & greatest products and services that the industry has to offer. Bur more importantly, we wanted to find products that could make your lives easy…better. So we saddled up the iHeartDogs pink Cadillac, loaded up with snacks and headed to Vegas. Vegas, Baby!

What’s So Super About This Zoo?

You’ve probably never heard of SuperZoo unless you work in the animal kingdom. SuperZoo is the most-attended pet industry trade show in the United States, and it’s been bringing animal lovers together since 1950. At the show, there are countless exhibitors showcasing services & products – some making their debut to the world. And we’re not just talking dog food here. There are grooming gadgets, furry fashions and gizmos galore. It’s basically the who’s who and what’s what of the pet world. But enough of that – you came to see what we found.

Super Products & Services

1. Finding Rover

This is a super simple and amazing idea helping dog lovers reunite with missing pups. Best of all – it’s FREE. And it’s so easy to use. Simply download the Finding Rover app and upload a photo of your dog. Then you register your dog. Done. If your dog makes the great escape (which we all hope never happens), simply report it missing. Finding Rover will automatically scan all local shelters searching for a possible match for your pup. It’s that easy. This is an amazing tool we should all have.

2. bioCOMpet Dog Waste Composter

Here’s a solution to a problem that’s been piling up for decades. Dog poop. With this innovative product from BioCOMpet, you can turn your dog’s waste into nitrogen-rich compost for your garden in as little as 5 days. It’s safe to use indoors or outdoors, and it’s automatic. Simply drop in pet waste, food (see their site for a list of usable items) and let the machine do the rest. This amazing product not only yields usable compost for your yard, it also keeps thousands of pounds of dog waste out of landfills. That’s a win-win!

3. Halo Vegan Dog Food

Here’s a great holistic alternative diet for dogs, especially those with protein allergies or sensitivities. Halo Garden of Vegan® provides dogs with a healthy alternative to a meat based diet. Can dogs live without meat? You bet. Unlike cats that are obligate carnivores, dogs are omnivores. Halo vegan dog food delivers all the essential nutrients a dog needs in a complete and balanced recipe using chickpeas, non-GMO vegetables and fruits and nourishing oils. And for every purchase you make, Halo will donate a meal to a shelter dog. At iHeartDogs, we think that’s the way it should always be!

4. Richell Decorative Dog Crates, Gates and More

Have you ever looked at your dog’s crate and thought it looked like a jail cell? Well, Richell has a beautiful alternative. These decorative, handmade crates not look amazing, they’re also made from high quality materials. They add a wonderful design touch to any home decor. Some are even functional with table tops, making them the perfect end table or nightstand. They also offer an amazing line of expandable dog crates, playpens, doggy gates and beds.

5. Puppy Go Potty Dog Litter

Looking for a better alternative to pee pee pads? Puppy Go Potty dog litter is the answer. Puppy Go Potty contains a special pheromone attractant to make potty training easier. It’s also made from 100% natural fiber – clean, paper pulp. It’s better for the environment unlike harder to degrade pads. And unlike other dog litters, it’s not made from recycled newspaper. So there are no inks or dyes. 

6. Hyper Dog Travel Products

The Home and Away Folding Crate by Hyper Pet is perfect for the dog lover on the go. Constructed of durable, lightweight materials, this collapsible crate features openings on the top and side, as well as mesh windows for maximum ventilation. It also includes a convenient storage bag for transporting when not in use. Available in small, medium and large. 

7. Bark Potty

Here’s another eco-friendly alternative for you. Bark Potty is like a mobile dog park. Dogs naturally respond to the scents of nature – especially when it’s nature calling. Bark Potty is made from natural materials, like bark, and has a natural smells that encourage dogs to “go.” The self-contained box prevents leaks and features a natural odor neutralizer. One Bark Potty replaces up to 60 pee pads and lasts up to a month!

8. SiliDog – The Silent Dog Tag

Tired of the jingle-jangle of dog tags? Well, not anymore. These customizable SiliDog Silent Dog Tags are made from 100% silicone. Even better, there are all sorts of fun designs, and they glow in the dark.

9. Chicken Soup for the Soul – For the Love of Pets

From the company that brought you the best-selling line of books comes an exciting line of dog food and treats. Chicken Soup for the Soul offers both dry and wet option, as well as grain free recipes. And here’s another company that’s doing it right by giving back – since 2016, they’ve donated over 3 million meals to pets in need.

10. Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets is just one of those companies you love to read about. They’re making products that enable aging, disabled or inured dogs to be mobile, safe, healthy, and ready to enjoy life. Their products include wheelchairs, special harnesses designed to aid walking, custom braces and more. It’s all about improving the quality of life for pups.

So Much Good Stuff!

As the iHeartDogs crew makes their way through the desert sands back home, we’ll continue to bring you more exciting info from SuperZoo 2019, including the 7 New Products Showcase Award winners (as of publication, still to be determined). Until then, keep loving your furry friends. Adopt don’t shop. Always double down on 11.

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