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10 Dog Breeds That Get Along Best With Other Animals


#1 – Golden Retriever

Touted as a great all-around family dog, this breed will snuggle with just about anything!

@stormKatt via Flickr

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#2 – Anatolian Shepherd

There’s a reason the San Diego Wildlife Park chose this breed to be companions for their cheetahs – there calm, sweet dispositions made the perfect buddy for their big cats.

@HeatherPaul via Flickr

#3 – Great Dane

“Gentle Giants.” this breed is known by their owners for being kind to other species in the house, regardless of size.

@Jeff via Flickr

#4 – Bernese Mountain Dog

Even at a young age, this good natured breed is fine with feline companions.

@4Neus via Flickr

#5 – Great Pyrenees

Bred to be guardians of livestock, its makes sense that the Pyrenees gets a long well with other animals, as long as they are not endangering his charges!

@DonDeBold via Flickr
@DonDeBold via Flickr


 #6 – Labrador Retriever

The lab is known for its fun-loving personality and sweet disposition, which may be why even the llama, an animal normally wary of dogs, is comfortable with one.

@PeteMarkham via Flickr

#7 – Border Collie

If they have been brought up with other animals since puppyhood, border collies are usually fine with other animals in the house. This Border Collie mix has a favorite cat for a housemate.

@GrahamSmith via Flickr

#8 -American Staffordshire Terrier

Known as the “nanny dog,” they are not only good with kids, but also other animals. via Flickr


#9 – Chihuahua

This Tenacious dog does not let his size stop him. Most will play with any other animals that’s willing to take them on.

#10 – Miniature American Shepherd

Like the Border Collie, this breed is fine with animals as long as proper introductions happen at a young age and their herding instinct is under control (otherwise they will want to chase).

@SpilltoJill via Flickr
@SpilltoJill via Flickr

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