21 Dog Breeds That Have The CUTEST Puppies

When we see cute puppies, we can’t help the silly grin that comes over our faces!

As a dog lover, you probably go to pieces over adorable puppies too!

All those puppy wrinkles and rolls are just too much. And can we talk about those fat, round tummies? Or how puppy breath has some strange magic that makes you want to snuggle those babies all day!

Like us, you know all puppies are cute, but some breeds have that extra “je ne sais quoi” which makes them irresistible. For this reason, some of these adorable dog breeds are popular in greeting cards, commercials, and other marketing materials. These puppies are the ones that just melt your heart on sight!

So, let’s have fun and check out some of the cutest of the cute.

Cute Puppies That Will Make You Go AWWWW

According to dog parents, these dogs breeds have the cutest puppies:

#1 – English Bulldog

There’s something about these wrinkly, tubby, squat puppies that just make humans melt. Bulldog puppies literally make people stop in their tracks. It’s why they are so popular on greeting cards and print advertisements.


#2 – Golden Retriever

Golden puppies make everyone smile! They are used in a lot of commercials, and it’s no secret why—they are irresistible. Who doesn’t want to boop those baby noses?

#3 –  Labrador Retriever

Another breed garnering a lot of air-time as a puppy is the lab. And we all know why: their rolly-polly bodies and sweet face could sell anything. These cute puppies can have all our money!

dog breeds cutest puppies

#4 – Corgi

With their short little legs and ears bigger than their body, corgi puppies are absolutely adorable charmers. To see one is to fall in love immediately. Corgis are royally cute!

cutest puppies

#5 – Dachshund

Those long bodies and stubby legs! Doxie puppies are cuddly cuties with a standout look everybody recognizes.


#6 – French Bulldog

Like the Pug and English Bulldog, something about the Frenchie’s flat face is endearing. Couple it with those too-big ears, and you have one cute pup you’ll want to cover in kisses!

most adorable puppies

#7 – Pomeranian

As a puppy, this breed looks like a little teddy bear. Their fluffy coat, tiny ears, and round eyes make it impossible to keep your paws off. You just can’t resist picking up a Pom puppy for a cuddle.

dogs cute puppies

#8 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If there was ever a dog breed  born to give her owner the “sad look,” it would be the cavi. No one can resist those puppy dog eyes!

adorable puppy
@Jim&Rachel McArthur/Flickr

#9 – Siberian Husky

So fluffy, so friendly, and so cute! Husky puppies are just charming with their bandit masks and bright eyes.


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#10 – Saint Bernard

Those big paws, covered in extra soft fur, make the Saint Bernard puppy one of the cutest of the giant breeds. The “sad eyes” don’t hurt, either.

cutest puppy dog breeds

#11 – Basset Hound

This cute puppy has it all: short, wrinkly legs, tons of loose skin, super soft ears that hang too big, and those soulful dark eyes. These droopy hound puppies are definitely irresistible.

what dog breeds cutest puppies

#12 – Pug

While their looks are slightly unconventional, you can’t help but smile when you see a pug pup. They melt your heart with their bug-eyes, smushed face, and curly tail. Plus, they always look on the verge of asking you a question!

adorable little puppy

#13 – Shih Tzu

Another of the teddy bear pups, this cute puppy will steal your heart and hide it in her scruffy-wuffy fur! The tiny Shih Tzu definitely needs all your snuggles. Plus, she’ll be too cute in hairbows…


#14 – Boston Terrier

With their wonky eyes and curious expressions, Boston Terriers are some of the cutest puppies ever. You’ll be hard pressed to resist kissing those little button noses!

dog breeds cutest puppies

#15 – Shetland Sheep Dog

This cute puppy will round up your love in a heartbeat! And when a Sheltie puppy smiles, you can’t help but smile right back.


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#16 – Chow Chow

Chow puppies are blue-tongued beauties with floof for days! Careful, you may get lost in all that fluff when going in for puppy hugs and kisses.


#17 – Shiba Inu

Another of the cutest puppies around, the Shiba Inu has so much sass and spunk! You’ll want to follow those prancing paws anywhere they go.

cute puppy

#18 – Great Dane

Before Great Danes grow into their long, tall heights, they are floppy little love bugs with big paws that leave prints on your heart.


#19 – Samoyed

A marshmallow on paws, the Samoyed is hands down one of the cutest puppies you’ll every put your eyes on. They set the standard for adorability.


Oh! All these cute puppies are too much!

#20 – Shar Pei

Here we have the most wrinkly of the wrinkled! Could Shar Pei pups be any cuter?


#21 – Border Collie

Smart and cuddly, the Border Collie is another of the dog breeds that have the cutest puppies! Look at all that fluff for the loving…


Are you in adorable overload thanks to all those cute puppies? Yep, us too and we couldn’t be happier!

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