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10 Great Dog Movies Everyone Needs to Watch


[IHD_Articl_Above]It’s always tough to pick a good movie to watch at home, because there are so many great options! But if you love movies and dogs, chances are you’ll enjoy a good dog flick. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites! What else can you think of?

#1 – The Adventures of Milo and Otis


Is there a movie that’s cuter than this? Originally a Japanese film, Milo & Otis was turned over to America to bring the fun and adventures of a little kitten and a silly pug into our hearts.


#2 – Turner & Hooch


How many of us have turned anti-dog people into dog people? That’s certainly what Hooch did.  Even our craziest dogs leave us with the fondest memories, and Hooch turned out to be quite beneficial after all!

#3 – Old Yeller


Probably one of the saddest dog movies ever (or even just one of the saddest movies all around), Old Yeller is a story of a dog who loves and protects his people but is overcome by illness and can no longer help himself. This heartbreaking coming-of-age tale encompasses all parts of dog ownership, and life in general.

#4 – Lassie


Lassie is probably the dog every other dog would look up to, if they watched movies. Lassie is pretty much the perfect dog and a classic story. You can’t help but love her.

#5 – Lady and the Tramp


Perhaps one of Disney’s best films, Lady and the Tramp does a fantastic job at portraying the goodness of dogs – both loved and stray – and their importance in our lives.

#6 – Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey


This is another beautiful story about love and adventure. It really makes you wonder about the bond pets have with each other, and more importantly, us.

#7 – Cujo


I know this one is scary, but remember! Cujo was a good dog. Cujo knew he was sick and wanted to protect his family, but the tenacity of his illness took over.

#8 – Best in Show


Easily one of the best dog comedies, Best in Show really captures what goes on in some of our “crazy dog people” lives! Everyone that has shown dogs in any venue knows that this movie is much more documentary than fiction!

#9 – All Dogs Go to Heaven


Another classic, All Dogs Go to Heaven is an oldie but goodie, and a wonderful story about the goodness of heart.

#10 – Beethoven


One of the best – it’s always an adventure with a dog around, but it’s especially exciting with a giant one!

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