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10 Hilarious Signs You’re THAT Dog Parent


Rupert Fawcett is the talented creator of Off The Leash, a hilariously accurate cartoon strip all about life with dogs. Where does he get his inspiring ideas from?

“I get my Off The Leash ideas from knowing dogs’ characters well and using my imagination and also observing other people’s dogs,” Fawcett told

He has several Off The Leash books out, and the newest one, Off The Leash 3 can be pre-ordered now!

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Posted by Off the Leash on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Currently, he has two Burmese cats, Lulu and Percy, who are inspiring him to write about cats next.

“My plan is for a cat book next year a ‘Doggy Doddles’ book which will be published next June,” he says. In addition, he has a cat greeting care line coming out next year and is working on animating Off The Leash – which we think would just be pawsome!

The following are some of Fawcett’s cartoons that, if you can relate, maybe signs you are one of those dog parents. You know the type…your smartphone is full of pictures of your dog and you could care less if someone has a new baby, but a new puppy? That you drool all over. It’s okay. We’re those type of dog parents too.

(Photos reprinted with permission from Rupert Fawcett) You can follow all the fun on his website and Facebook page.

#1 – Your dog come before anyone else, even the spouse

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Image source: Robert Fawcett / Facebook

#2 – You treat your dogs like kids…everything has to be fair

Image source: Robert Fawcett / Facebook
Image source: Robert Fawcett / Facebook

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