10 Hilarious Things Only a Boston Terrier Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 16, 2023

Hello to all my fellow Boston Terrier buddies! As a lifelong owner of these endearingly quirky dogs, I can vouch that life with a Boston Terrier is a unique blend of comedy, snorts, and unforgettable antics. Boston Terriers, or Bostons as we lovingly call them, are a breed that can turn even the most ordinary day into a laughter-filled fest. So, let’s dive into ten uproarious scenarios that only a Boston Terrier owner would understand.

1. The Snort Symphony

As a Boston Terrier owner, you’re no stranger to the soundtrack of snorts, grunts, and other odd noises these dogs make. The sight (and sound) of your Boston ‘snort-laughing’ in their sleep is a source of endless amusement.

2. The ‘Bulldog Tuxedo’ Charm

Their unique tuxedo-like coat has earned them the title ‘American Gentleman,’ but their antics are anything but gentlemanly. Watching your Boston gallivant in the mud in their natural ‘tuxedo’ is hilariously incongruous.

3. The Gas Attacks

Bostons are notorious for their flatulence, and they have an uncanny knack for timing their ‘gas attacks’ for when you have guests over. The sudden awkward silence followed by the unavoidable laughter makes for memorable gatherings.

4. The Frog Legs

There’s nothing funnier than walking into a room to find your Boston lying on their belly, legs sprawled out behind them in the classic ‘frog legs’ pose. It’s a sight that never fails to elicit a chuckle.

5. The Squirrel Stalker

Bostons have a fascination with squirrels. The sight of your Boston darting off in a futile pursuit of a squirrel, only to return with a baffled look, is a routine source of laughter.

6. The Head Tilt

The head tilt is a classic Boston move. Whether it’s in response to a new sound or your voice, the sight of their heads tilting with an expression of utmost concentration is comically adorable.

7. The Blanket Burrower

Bostons love to burrow in blankets. Finding your Boston transformed into a blanket burrito, with only their squishy face poking out, is a sight that guarantees a giggle.

8. The Fetch Fanatic

Bostons love a good game of fetch – even when you’re not playing. Their relentless enthusiasm to get you to throw a toy (or anything they deem fetch-worthy) is as exhausting as it is comical.

9. The Chewbacca Talk

Bostons have a unique way of ‘talking’ that sounds eerily similar to Chewbacca from Star Wars. Their attempts to converse with you in their special language are both hilarious and heartwarming.

10. The Unconditional Love

The most touching and funny part of owning a Boston Terrier is their unwavering love for their humans. They’ll follow you around, sneak into your bed for cuddles, and gaze at you with such adoration, it’s hard not to laugh at their earnestness.

Life with a Boston Terrier is a journey filled with laughter, lots of snorts, and countless endearing moments. Their quirks and loving nature make every day an entertaining escapade. So, here’s to the Boston Terrier owners, living a life of love and hilarity that only we can truly understand.

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