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10 Hilarious Things Only a Great Pyrenees Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 16, 2023

Greetings, fellow Great Pyrenees parents! If you’ve wandered into this chuckle-packed corner of the web, you’re either a Great Pyrenees owner, thinking about becoming one, or simply an aficionado of mirthful dog stories. Let’s embark on this comedic journey into the delightfully entertaining world of Great Pyrenees ownership.

  1. The Canine Cloud

    A Great Pyrenees is essentially a walking, barking cloud. The sheer volume of their fluffy white fur will astound you. Your house will become a snow globe, with dog hair drifting through the air and settling everywhere. It’s a strange, fluffy wonderland.

  2. The Giant Lap Dog Delusion

    Despite their large size, Great Pyrenees often believe they are lap dogs. They’ll attempt to clamber onto your lap, leaving you pinned under a mountain of love and fur. It’s simultaneously heartwarming and hilarious.

  3. The Night Owl

    Great Pyrenees were bred to protect livestock at night, which means they’re nocturnal by nature. You’ll often find them patrolling your house at night while you’re trying to sleep. The sound of a 100-pound dog tiptoeing around is a unique soundtrack to fall asleep to.

  4. The Benevolent Bark

    Great Pyrenees are known for their deep, booming bark, which they use liberally. Whether it’s a suspicious leaf or a rogue squirrel, they’ll bark to alert you, often causing you to jump out of your skin. But hey, at least you’ll never miss a delivery!

  5. The Cool Canine

    Despite their thick coat, Great Pyrenees love the cold. They’ll frolic in the snow, lie on cold tiles, and even refuse to come inside when it’s chilly. You might question their sanity, but they’ll just look at you with a joyous, frost-covered face.

  6. The Zen Master

    Great Pyrenees are impressively calm and collected. They can sleep through almost anything, including their own barking. Their zen-like composure will often have you wondering if they’re part dog, part Buddhist monk.

  7. The Escape Artist

    Great Pyrenees are known for their ability to escape from seemingly secure spaces. You’ll often find them in places they’re not supposed to be, leading you to believe they have a secret career as an escape artist.

  8. The Canine Caterpillar

    A common sight in Great Pyrenees households is the “Great Pyrenees Loaf” – a dog that lies with its legs tucked under its body, resembling a caterpillar or a loaf of bread. It’s a cute and comical sight that never gets old.

  9. The Slow Motion Chase

    Great Pyrenees are not built for speed. Watching them run is like watching a chase scene in slow motion. It’s amusing, endearing, and yet another reminder of their unique charm.

  10. The Gentle Giant

    Despite their size and strength, Great Pyrenees are gentle and sensitive. They’ll often react to scolding by giving you a hurt look, making you feel like the meanest person in the world. But, they’re quick to forgive and even quicker to cuddle.

And there you have it! The humorously heartwarming world of Great Pyrenees ownership, where every day is an adventure filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of fluff. These gentle, protective, and somewhat eccentric dogs are more than just pets; they’re family. Once you’ve experienced life with a Great Pyrenees, no other

breed will quite match their charm.

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