10 Human Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

There are plenty of foods beneficial to humans that can actually harm our dogs, and it’s important to know what these are. While some are quite obvious, others might not be so straightforward. To get an idea of some of the dangerous foods and drinks that people consume, check out our list below.

#1 – Stone Fruit Pits


Gnawing on fruit pits (such as peach, plum and persimmon) may cause intestinal damage. Some dogs may break the pits up into small pieces, others may swallow the pit whole. Either way, the pit will cause a bowel obstruction which is painful for the dog and costly for the owner.

#2 – Tobacco


Chewing on tobacco will lead to the ingestion of nicotine. When a dog consumes nicotine it may damage their digestive system, their nervous system, increase their heart rate and possibly result in death.

#3 – Dairy Products


First off, some pups can have dairy in small doses. However, many dogs are lactose intolerant and dairy may bring on bouts of gassiness or diarrhea. Consult with your vet and exercise caution when feeding dairy to your dog the first time.

#4 – Beer


Whether they are fresh or cooked, the hops found in beer is what causes the ill effects in dogs. Ingestion may lead to a spike in body temperature, which may bring on multiple organ failure. Restlessness, excessive panting, and seizures are some of the side effects of hops poisoning.

#5 – Alcohol


Owners who are sharing their daily libations with their pup bring the risk of tremors, loss of coordination and in extreme cases may send a dog into a coma or possible death. When in doubt, don’t share.

#6 – Coffee


Although many humans can’t function without their morning cup of coffee, to a dog, caffeine is considered poisonous. If a dog has eaten coffee grounds or lapped up a java bowl it may lead to tremors, vomiting, restlessness, and possible seizures.

#7 – Onion Onion-Garlic

Onions, chives and vegetables of this nature may damage a dog’s red blood cells. Even foods containing dehydrated onions (including soup mixes) are just as toxic as the raw variety.

#8 – Grapes & Raisins


Recent studies have determined that something in grapes and raisins may lead to kidney failure in certain dogs. However, it is unclear as to what it is. Certain dogs become sick, while others, grapes have no effect on them. Unless an owner is one hundred percent sure their dog can eat the tasty fruit, grapes and raisins should be avoided all together.

#9 – Yeast Dough


When yeast dough is eaten, the warmth of the stomach encourages the yeast to rise. An expanding stomach may cause pressure on the diaphragm, which would lead to difficulty breathing. If a dog has eaten yeast dough, monitor him carefully if the stomach becomes swollen contact the vet.

#10 – Sugar


Dogs are drawn to sweet smells and tastes. Sugar is as unhealthy for a dog as it is for humans. As with humans, mass consumption of sugar may lead to obesity, diabetes, and poor teeth.

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