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10 Human Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. There are plenty of foods beneficial to humans that can actually harm our dogs, and it’s important to know what these are. While some are quite obvious, others might not be so straightforward. To get an idea of some of the dangerous foods and drinks that people consume, check out our list below. #1 – Stone Fruit … Read more

9 Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Heart Healthy

Heart disease affects dogs differently than humans. For example, coronary artery disease is quite common in humans, but very rare in dogs. However, conditions involving the weakening of the heart muscle, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), are a real concern in aging canines. Avoiding CHF and/or slowing its progression can give your dog many more healthy years by your side. Before making any major changes to your dog’s diet or lifestyle, consult your vet to make sure it is safe to … Read more

Bone Broth for Dogs: This “Soul Food” Is Perfect For Nourishing Sick Or Senior Pups

Everybody has a certain go-to comfort food that soothes them when they are ill. When dogs lose their appetite due to age or illness, they, too need a nutrient-packed solution to help them regain their strength. Whether getting over a bout of gastrointestinal upset, recovering from surgery, or just reaching an age where appetite is waning, bone broth for dogs can ensure that your pup gets all the essential nutrients he or she needs. Veterinarians often recommend fasting a dog … Read more

Your Dog Will Thank You For These Amazing Homemade Chicken Jello Snacks

If you love cooking for your family members, your dog should be no exception. It’s easy to pick out cute treats near the checkout aisle at the pet store, but you can have more fun making fresh treats for your dog at home. We’ve got a recipe for homemade Chicken-Flavored Jello treats your dog will go nuts for, and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. These doggie snacks can be made with just a few … Read more

How Much Bone Broth Is Too Much?

You may have heard some of the health benefits of bone broth and thought it might be beneficial for your pup. After doing some research and deciding to add it to your dog’s diet, the next question is: How much bone broth should I feed my dog? And then: How much bone broth is too much? How much bone broth should I feed my dog? The short answer is that everything is best in moderation, but you shouldn’t stress about … Read more

3 Great Ways To Help Your Chubby Dog Drop Some Pounds

Pup parents love to spoil their dogs, and sometimes, that means too many treats… and a little extra weight gain! And since the only thing more important than their happiness is their health (which results in overall happiness, of course!), we try to help them stay fit so they can live the longest, fullest lives possible. We at iHeartDogs asked Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, for some pointers on how to get chubby pups to trim down. Also known as “The … Read more

How Changing Your Dog’s Diet Can Transform Their Life 

Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, is a true believer in the power of food. Also known as “The Caring Vet,” Dr. Selmer is a Certified Veterinary Food Therapist (CVFT) who uses principles from Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) to treat his patients. Here’s what he had to say about the impact of diet on your dog’s life. In the words of Dr. Selmer:  If you were to take away all of my other tools as a veterinarian — all other modalities, … Read more

5 Things All Dog Owners Should Know About Grain-Free Diets

The debate as to whether grain-free diets are best for our pets remains unsettled. While some dog owners swear their pup became healthier and happier after omitting grains, others claim that it’s a necessary part of their companion’s diet. Some even consider the entire thing a fad. So what’s a pet parent to do? In short, there is no right or wrong answer; what matters is that the dietary needs of each individual dog are met. Unless your pup has … Read more

10 Ways To Help Your Senior Dog Feel Like A Puppy Again

Getting older can be ruff! Natural aging changes like achy joints, dental disease, and an increased risk of certain illnesses often plague our beloved senior pooches. But just because they are a little slower, calmer, and wiser than they once were doesn’t mean that older dogs can’t recapture their puppyhood! Note: If you aren’t sure whether your pooch has reached his twilight years yet, consider this: small and toy breed dogs live to be about 15 to 20 years old, while … Read more

Is Your Dog A Picky Eater? Try These 6 Tips & Tricks!

When it comes to food, there are two types of dogs: those who live to eat and those who eat to live. If your pooch lives to eat, pickiness is definitely not a problem in your household! But for dogs who aren’t motivated by food, convincing them to eat a healthy, well-rounded diet can be quite a challenge. A dog’s eating personality is usually established early on, so it is best to insist on a strict feeding routine right from the … Read more

16 Fresh Foods That May Help Prevent Cancer In Dogs

We would do almost anything to keep our best friends with us just a bit longer. That’s the only fault they have–not living long enough. And while you cannot prevent the inevitable, you can help prolong your dog’s life by feeding him good foods. This includes fresh foods that are known to help prevent cancer, one of the leading causes of death in older dogs. In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month (May), we asked Rick Woodford, author of CHOW: Simple … Read more

Traditional & Holistic Vets Agree: These 4 Tips Help Dogs Live Life To The Fullest

Whether you prefer a straight-laced veterinary clinician or a holistic vet with a focus on Chinese medicine, we all have one common goal when we consult a doggy doctor: More healthy years with our canine BFFs. Two very different vets agree on four things pawrents need to do in order to achieve that goal. Dr. Elizabeth Murphy, author of How to Age-Proof Your Dog, believes prevention is the key to longevity and that we are the “guardians of our pets’ health.” … Read more

Are Your Dog’s Treats Sneaking In This Sugary Ingredient?

Savvy marketing experts make their livings manipulating product descriptions to sound healthy, when often they are anything but. This trick is being used more and more in the pet industry. Veterinarian Karen Becker of the website Mercola Healthy Pets expressed her concerns about the use of molasses in dog treats and its marketing as a “healthy sweetener” and “functional food.” In Dr. Becker’s expert opinion, sugar is sugar whether you slap a fancy label on it or not. Molasses is … Read more

This Disease Can Turn Mealtime Into A Nightmare For Your German Shepherd

If you have ever had the good fortune to love a German Shepherd then you know how much they enjoy a good meal. Sadly, they are one of a handful of breeds with a predisposition for a disorder called megaesophagus. (Remember this puppy with megaesophagus whose life was saved by a special high chair?) The condition develops when the esophagus – the tube connecting the throat and the stomach – becomes enlarged, making it difficult for the affected dog to … Read more

This Serious Dachshund Health Problem May Improve With A Simple Diet Change

Like every breed, Dachshunds are genetically predisposed to a handful of medical conditions. One of those is Urolithiasis or Urinary Calculi, commonly referred to as Bladder Stones. Stones can form anywhere throughout the urinary tract, but more than 85% appear in the bladder. Although stones can be quite serious, there is evidence that dietary management can help your Doxie avoid surgery. Bladder stones are formed by minerals in the urine that create microscopic crystals. Over time those crystals may join … Read more

3 Signs Your Boxer Is Overweight

Like us, your Boxer should stay in shape to avoid many health problems. Several things can cause your Boxer to become overweight, including but not limited to: too many treats, low-quality pet food, not enough exercise, and health problems such as thyroid disease. We all know it’s easy to get busy and stop exercising the dog. It’s even easier to over-indulge on the treats. The important thing is to recognize when your Boxer has packed on a few extra pounds, so you … Read more

Is My Chihuahua Overweight Or Obese?

Chihuahuas are so small, it’s easy for them to get overweight. This is especially true if you like to indulge them when they beg – it doesn’t take too many human treats to make a Chihuahua overweight. In addition, since so many of us tend to carry them around – in our arms or in bags – our Chihuahuas are not always getting the exercise that they should. But being overweight is not good for your Chihuahua. It can lead ... Read more

Is My Dachshund Overweight Or Obese?

The Dachshund body shape makes them more prone to bulking up. It doesn’t help that they are expert beggars and get carried around a lot because they are small. But being overweight is really bad for your Doxie’s long back, hips and short legs. The strain can cause all kinds of health issues and even shorten their lifespan. Because of this, it’s important to recognize when yours has packed on a few extra pounds. The following are 3 signs your ... Read more

Is My German Shepherd Overweight Or Obese?

Although German Shepherds are naturally active dogs, this does not mean they cannot gain weight. Lack of exercise, poor diet including too many treats, and health issues such as thyroid disease can cause your Shepherd to become overweight. Being overweight can cause all sorts of health problems – especially extra strain on their hips – and even shorten their lifespan. Because of this, it’s important to know when your Shepherd is carrying around some extra pounds so you can slim ... Read more

3 Signs Your Great Dane Is Overweight

Though it’s not common, Great Danes can get overweight. They won’t ever get as round as maybe a Dachshund can, but they can definitely have too much fat–especially aging Danes that are not as active as they used to be, but are still fed the same amount. Feeding junk food or human treats, or  having health issues such as thyroid disease or hip dysplasia can also lead to your Dane gaining a few extra pounds. Those extra pounds can mean even more … Read more

11 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Having a dog is a big responsibility. They depend on you to make the best decisions for them on everything from what they eat to how their hair is cut. Although every loving dog parent has the best intentions at heart, certain choices that seem simple and harmless may actually result in fewer years with your furry friend.   1. Skipping Annual Vet Visits Some people feel that it’s a waste of time and money to take their dogs to the … Read more

How To Choose The Best Dog Bowl For Your Pooch

When it comes to feeding your dog, the bowl you choose is almost as important as what you put inside it. Depending on the materials utilized in manufacturing and the eating style of the dog, the right bowls can ensure safer meal times and a healthier pup. First on the list in choosing the right bowl is material. Plastic bowls are soft and easily scratched during cleaning and repeat use. This allows harmful bacteria to build up over time. Even … Read more